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Transferring Data between Your Smartphone is not a Pain Anymore

There are times we purchase a new phone and feel like a dumb as we don’t know any method to transfer our precious data from the old phone to the new one. You can sync your data with cloud servers, but they rarely allow you to backup your files.

That’s why you need a dedicated tool for phone transfer.

Introducing MobileTrans

You might have already heard about WonderShare. They are the pioneer in developing a lot of useful multimedia tools. Now, they come with yet another valuable tool to make your phone migration a breeze.

As we all know, migrating from Android to iPhone or vice versa is always a pain because both of them run on completely different platforms. But if you choose to go with MobileTrans, you don’t have to worry when it comes to transfer files from Android to iPhone or transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.


Here, I will be talking about important features only.

#1. Cross- Platform Availability

Maybe you are a Mac user. It is true that software availability is less in Mac compared with Windows. But WonerShare knows the need of phone transfer is high among Mac users also. That’s why they provide a Mac version also.

#2. Transfer Everything

MobileTrans is your ultimate migration software. If you download this, you won’t have to use another tool. You can transfer anything (files, contacts, messages, etc.) from your old phone to your new one using this.

#3. Supports All Mobile Platform

Two major mobile OS are Android and iOS. But there is a minority who still uses Blackberry and Symbian and looking forward to upgrading their phone. To make their migration easier, we need a tool that supports all mobile platforms as well. Hopefully, WonderShare’s Mobile Trans supports iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian.

How to Transfer Data between Two Phones using Mobile Trans?

It’s no brainy. You get two options to do phone transfer. Either you can choose direct phone-to-phone transfer or backup and restore method.

If you select the first method, you have to connect both your phones into two USB ports. Launching the software will instantly recognize your phones and it is possible to start the transfer with a single click.

In case, you don’t have two free USB ports on your machine, go with the second method. First, you have to take the backup of your old phone. Then, restore the same to the new one. That’s all.

Don’t you want data on your old phone? Go with permanent erase to empty it.

It’s also possible to restore your old backups taken by Samsung Kies, iTunes, etc.

Bottom Line

WonderShare’s MobileTrans is an excellent tool to save your time. If you want to try their service, they provide a free version with limited features.

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