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3 Reasons! Why Most Bloggers Flounder?



Many bloggers are tyros despite spending learning blogging tips from different big time bloggers from around the world. I had started my first blog in 2014 Jan 22, and I failed again and again despite making efforts to take to another level. I messed up big time, ending up attending an interview to secure a job in corporate companies to make some bucks.

3 Reasons!

What went wrong in my blogging career since 2014?

How I ended up in bloggers, fail list?  I would like to point out the mistakes I made during my blogging journey. This is all about sharing my knowledge and experience which will help you in not failing in the areas where I failed.

 I would like to point out the mistakes I made during my blogging journey. This is all about sharing my knowledge and experience which will help you in not failing in the areas where I failed.

3 Reasons why most Bloggers Fail in Blogging


#1. When should you start a blog?

An influential, successful blogger inspires every new blogger by reading 10 to 20 post then the first-time blogger decides to start his blog without any proper plan. Setting up a WordPress blog is easy, buy a 100 INR domain, choose a cheap hosting plan then your all ready to go. Before starting a blog you must work under a blogger by contributing like guest posting on the blogs under your niche, Your post might get rejected many times but don’t give up take it positively and ask for feedback from bloggers.

If any blogger accepts your guest post, that certainly means your good to go. Practice makes a man perfect. Reach as many as bloggers as possible and contribute, once you manage to write for good blogs, your are eligible to start your own.


#3. Lack of Dedication 

This is a common mistake made by first-time bloggers. There is a myth that blogging is quick making business after spending few months, they realize it, it is not so. Every business in the world doesn’t matter what the nature of the business is, every business requires Hard work, time, patience and Perseverance. Lack of any of these leads you to failure. You must spend and wait for at least six months to expect fruitful results.

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#3. Aiming at Multiple Niche & SEO:

You have to keep one thing in mind, Your a newbie who is learning new things every day. Focus only one niche at a time instead of focusing on more than one niche will lead you to confusion and consume more of your time, which you invest learning new great stuff out there.

Now we have reached to the valuable lesson of blogging is SEO, This is something every blogger regularly does. This is where I made a mistake, never follow more than three bloggers regarding SEO. Every blogger has a style, and he has unique ways to build backlinks, so every blogger SEO strategy is different, So my suggestion is to follow one or two bloggers for SEO. Currently, I’m following  Free Complete Basic To Advance SEO Training, so learn first then execute your strategy and avoid the curse of black hat SEO.


End of The Line:- 

I hope you all have learned something from my failures and make some changes in your blogging to avoid mistakes big time. Always remember a new blog is like a plant and you have will be patience before it bore a fruit till it grows into a tree. Here were my reasons why bloggers fail.Think I missed worthy of mention why bloggers fail, I would like to hear your thoughts, how you felt after reading this.

I'm kksilvery who is an entrepreneur, blogger who believes in sharing knowledge. My passion is to become a successful entrepreneur.

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  1. Deynn

    May 17, 2016 at 9:15 am

    One of the most reason why blogging fail because they don’t have the passion for what they are doing they are just after the money; they saw a blogger which earns 6 digits every month then they’ll start doing it. Passion is one of the keys to a successful blogging so you have to make sure you are blogging about your passion.

    • kksilvery

      May 17, 2016 at 2:05 pm

      Hi David,
      Your right , many are after 6 figure revenue, who doesn’t ? Money is a great motivation and it also a reason why man end up becoming in list of failure.

  2. Jason

    August 7, 2016 at 11:27 am

    I agree with you, i am just a new blogger and i fit perfectly in this category. By the way there is a small correction “#3. Lack of Dedication ” , it should be “#2. Lack of Dedication”

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