List of Sites To Watch Free Unblocked Movies 2020 [UPDATED]

Do you call yourself a movie enthusiast? Have you no money to pay for all of those movies that get released? Are you looking for ways to watch Unblocked movies for free? Would you like to know some of the best websites to watch Unblocked movies online, Read on to know more?

Movies have always been a famous form of entertainment for many. Be it romantic, horror, funny, drama, crime, philosophical, people have always found it worth the time spent on it. Every one of you must have watched hundreds of movies in your lifetime, some even thousands. We have all been watching movies either by paying to watch it on theatres or waiting till it gets aired on television, but it doesn’t always need to be like that.

Ever since the internet has become popular, so did the aspect of getting things for free. The movie industry also changed for good. Today, almost all of the movies, even the newly released ones can be downloaded for free from the awesome thing that is the internet. The older ones are available in full HD quality and the newer ones will be from a video camera.

Internet piracy has gone to such an extent that monitoring and removing the files has become an impossible task for the authorities. The situation, however, is a boon to those who cannot afford to watch all of the newly released Unblocked movies. This makes up for a majority of the population.  They can watch all the movies as they like till their heart’s content, that too in HD quality. The only cost will be the cost of the internet used up.

There are many websites available which allow you to watch movies online for free. Many of them are fake and a lot of them are banned in many countries. This post has a good list of unblocked movie sites. These movie download sites have genuine content and are easy to use.

Here are some of the best websites to watch free Unblocked movies online, in various languages.


List of Websites To Watch Unblocked Movies Online [Updated 2020]

This whole list is full of useful free Unblocked movie websites suggestions:

1. Vudu

This website has got a huge collection of movies which can be accessed anytime free of cost. Although it comes with some commercials that interrupt the watch, it is a great website to watch movies online. Here some of the movies are also present in high definition quality so that you don’t have to compromise with your viewing experience.

There is a new page on the website which lets you see the list of free movies recently included in the collection. Besides, there is the genre’s section which gives you the category wise listings. You can also rent some of the movies which are not available for free. But as long as you are selecting one from the “Movies on Us” page, you are free to watch unblocked movies at no cost.

2. Popcornflix

  • It is a great platform to watch movies online at absolutely no cost. The Screen Media Ventures maintain the constant flow of the movies to this website which assures that the website is always stocked with the latest hits and the golden classics. Comedy, drama, horror and action- everything is included in its collection which makes it a popular choice among the users.Also, no additional set up of account is required here. You can simply just start watching Unblocked movies by hitting the “Play” option.

3. 123 Movies

  • It is best known for its glitch-free movie watching experience. The website provides movies in HD quality and it updates itself at a very fast pace. It gets filled with the movies within two to three weeks of their release. No sign up is required on your part on the website. So without any registration, you can watch movies online for free.

4. Youtube

One of the best websites for free online Unblockedmovies is youtube. You can watch free Unblocked movies without running the risk of browsing shady websites that can infect your computer or websites that want you to complete surveys or download malware. You will find a wide range of full-length movies on youtube, especially if you’re looking for arthouse films or old classics.  Some filmmakers even make their films available for free.
However, you might run into problems if you try to watch newer and more popular films on Youtube, as these are mostly taken down by the respective copyright owners.

So, the first place where you search for an online movie stream should be youtube. If you find the movie you wanted, good for you. Otherwise, don’t worry, we got plenty of more sites here.


5. Wolowtube

This site is not a direct movie streaming site, it is more like a search engine. Kind of like is for torrents, it is a search engine exclusively for online movie streams. You can click on the icons relating to movies and it will search for you. You can also manually search for the movies in the search box. It will then display the results, allowing you to watch any movie from across the web.

Its index covers a galaxy of online movie streaming sites. Almost all of the online streams are available on this Unblocked Movies site. The homepage lists all the new movies along with a brief description of it as tiles. This is one of the most helpful sites if you’re interested in watching free Unblocked movies online. The site can also be used to find TV shows and series. Just click on the TV shows tab and start searching.

6. Fmovies is the latest addition to our list of websites. We have decided to edit the old article and add this because recently the website has become viral and gained a lot of popularity. The success of the website is in its user-friendly design. The UI of the website is very advanced and has everything laid out neatly. First of all, the website is very fast and responsive.

On the homepage, there is a banner which showcases the latest and trending Unblocked movies. Down below you can see four sections of links, Suggestions (The popular content), Latest Movies, Latest TV-series, and requested movies. Their database is updated and new movies and Series episodes get added as they are available. The team behind this free movie website must be working hard to maintain such a website.

The individual pages are nice having an array of options and they serve the content from dozens of different servers. Below the player, there are options such as ratings, subtitles, download, wishlist etc. There is also a feature that stands out, clicking on a button that says “Turn lights off” will blur everything around the player to make it easier to watch the content.

There are pop-up ads and compelling-to-click native ads on the website.


7. Onlinemoviesgold

Here you will find the latest Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu and even Malayalam Unblocked movies to watch for free. The movies you want to watch are sorted by year and genre, each in its category. The site provides a decent viewing experience in the comfort of your home. No need to go to the theatre.

Overall, you will find over 3000 movies in various languages on this site. Occasionally, you might run into a trailer misleadingly labelled as a movie, but most movies on the site are genuine and high quality.


8. Moviewatcher

Moviewatcher is a great place to watch the high quality and HD English movies. The site has a brilliant interface, displaying a movie’s genre, release date, length and other details with the title. It offers different versions and players for each movie, with each mirror’s an audio and video quality rated alongside.

It also displays the size of each mirror. And if one mirror is not working, don’t worry. It usually has over a dozen more. Oh, and you can also watch a ton of TV shows on the site, including many anime as well.

9. GOmovies

Gomovies site is another way to watch movies online. But what’s special about it is the interface, the details about the movies and of course, the movies themselves. By that, I mean that the quality of the movies uploaded is up to the mark.

But the site has a lot more than that. The site’s homepage is a great way to look for new movies. The homepage shows the thumbnails for featured movies, latest movies and even requested movies. When the cursor hovers over a certain thumbnail, it shows a brief description, the length, the genre and the IMDb rating of the movie. The site’s dashboard sorts out movies by country, genre and even IMDb rating.

It even has a section for TV series and news about movies and entertainment. You can find the latest movies in high quality here.


10. Watchmovies-online

If the previous sites weren’t enough for you, here’s another one. This site has the latest movies online, with an interesting viewing experience.
The highlight of this site is the dashboard. Here, you will find an index of all their movies, apart from a place to request movies, a section for movies that are coming soon and another section for free TV viewing. You will find a wide variety of high-quality movies here. They feature hundreds of hit titles here.



11. Tube+ is the  10th website in our list of top movie streaming sites.  The site has a theme that loads in blazing fast speeds and delivers the content efficiently. You can make use of the search bar on top to find the content of your choice easily and efficiently. The searches can be filtered across genre and year of release.

You can browse streams of both movies and TV shows here. On the page of each movie, you can watch the trailer, get the gist of the movie along with multiple streaming links to view the movies online for free.


12. Snagfilms is different from all of the other websites in our list. It has over 10,000 movies and other files. The thing is that a majority of their files are documentaries, classics, old comedy movies, philanthropic movies, history movies and such content. You would not find the latest drama movies or such things on this website.

There is even a SnagFilms app available for Android and iOS to view their content.


13. Popcornflix

It is a great platform to watch movies online at absolutely no cost. The Screen Media Ventures maintain the constant flow of the movies to this website which assures that the website is always stocked with the latest hits and the golden classics. Comedy, drama, horror and action- everything is included in its collection which makes it a popular choice among the users.

Also, no additional set up of account is required here. You can simply just start watching Unblocked movies by hitting the “Play” option.

14. Viewster

Viewster has a large collection of TV series as well as movies that you can stream online for free. Although there might be some ads intruding your movies still the collection that it provides is worth it. There are also Viewster applications available on several stores such as the Amazon App Store, Google Play Store, iTunes etc. These apps bring streaming of movies to your device.


15. Pluto Movies

Besides giving you scope for watching free Unblocked movies online, it also gives the services of a TV. You can watch live TV shows and movies on this website. You can find stuff from all genres such as comedy, horror thriller, romantic, documentary and so on.


16. New Movies Online

If you search for free movie watching websites this website might pop up in your searches which is a good pick if you go for it. It provides supreme quality unblocked movies to watch online for free. The site also has a huge stock of entertainment portals of the popular TV series, books and movies related to all kinds of a genre such as action, horror, comedy romance and so on.


17. C Movies

The website C is another site where you can go for watching movies online for free. You will always have the option of watching movies in “Full HD”. You can filter movies by genre, ratings, release of year or popularity. You can also go to popular tag to watch the trending movies on the website or if you have any specific movie in mind, then you can always search it in the search bar present in the home page. The site has all the details related to a particular movie. It gives you movie title, release date, star cast, movie plot, IMDB ratings and it also gives you the option for watching the movies online as well as lets you download it for free.



End Of The Line –

So these were some of the popular free Unblocked movie websites for your entertainment. These names have been compiled using our experience and user feedback. If there’s a movie in the world, you will find it on one of these websites. Most of these websites have advertisements including irritating pop-ups. If you can consider that as a small price to pay for the free movies that you get, you will be just fine.

Don’t forget to comment and let us know if we have missed any free movie website.

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