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List of Latest Unblocked Movie Sites (Free) 2021

Watching movies to pass time has been the hobby of almost everyone during this lockdown. Movies have their own way of helping people to escape reality. But watching the latest unblocked movies has become a costly affair with all the membership charges one has to pay on any OTT platform. There are many sites on the internet that claim to provide free unblocked movies but in the end greets with you hell load of adware, annoying pop-ups, malware, etcetera.

We are gonna make your life easier with our list of best free unblocked movie sites which are free from adware and provide the high definition version of the movies. We have spent a lot of time finding these unblocked movie sites which work without signing up.

Best Free Unblocked Movies Sites

Here’s the List of free unblocked movie sites 2021:


The best unblocked movie site undoubtedly is Yify. Yify provides high definition prints of the movies along with subtitles. Apart from streaming the movie, Yify also gives its users an option to download the movie to watch later. Yify doesn’t require any signup and their website is not filled with annoying popups everywhere.

Other cool features of the site are: It comes with a clean interface and is easy to use, Which gives the user a better streaming experience.




One of the best unblocked movie sites, HDPopcorn has all the latest movies and shows in HD quality. The site comes with a dark and user-friendly interface, which enhances the user’s experience.

HDPopcorn’s collection is very vast, it contains movies released a long time ago in high quality. Here you can watch movies from paid streaming sites like Netflix in Free.




Popcornflix is a website and over-the-top service offering free ad-supported streaming video of feature-length movies and webisodes. You can watch various kinds of genre plays like action, romance, horror, etc.

This free unblocked movie site comes with a clean interface




Another free unblocked movie site is Youtube, which comes with a huge collection of free movies unblocked. On youtube, the free movies can be a single video or playlist.

However, Youtube has a more in-depth massive database as compared to the sites discussed above.




Another free site is crackle, where you can watch free movies unblocked anytime, anywhere you want. Here you can watch all your favorite Hollywood movies in uncut/unedited version. It’s an ads-based streaming platform and is fully safe/legal.

The site comes with a dark (but clean) theme and has a user-friendly interface. You can also use it to watch free movies unblocked at school.

This site is accessible in a few countries in the world. Others can use a VPN to get access to this free movie unblocked site.




ConTV is another best choice if you are looking up for free unblocked movie sites. It could be the best choice for those who have a great interest in comic-style movies.

Both free and paid versions of this site are available. Ads! are the only difference between free and paid versions. Although, the site has a huge collection of different movies in HD quality.




One of the best sites to watch unblocked movies undoubtfully is 123Movies. The site that always pops up in our minds while thinking about free unblocked movies. A website where you can stream all the latest episodes and movies in high resolution.

The site comes with a clean and simple interface and offers its users the best quality movies. There is no sign-up option, no premium version, and no ads! The best site to watch unblocked movies at school.

Use the link given below to jump on this amazing site.




Our next preference to watch movies unblocked is Vudu. Here you can watch all your favorite movies, series, and documentaries. It’s a platform for movie lovers, where you can enjoy various kinds of genre movies like romantic, horror, action, etc.

One has to buy its premium version to get access to all the movies. But if you don’t want to spend your money online to watch movies, then I suggest you can click on its “free” tab option.

Where you can watch free unblocked movies without paying, Ads can be an issue here, but isn’t that worth watching your beloved unblocked movie?




As the name suggests, Logoless, the site has no logo, or we can say branding. All its motto is to provide you, your favorite unblocked movie for free. There’s no sign-up required to access this site.

Here, you can enjoy all your favorite unblocked movies, TV shows, faqs, events (apple event) and can even listen to your beloved music.

The site is easy to navigate as there are different categories of movies in the menu, Which allows the user to watch something of their own interest. Now you can easily watch unblocked movies at school or where ever you are!

All the cool features in one site, isn’t that amazing?



MxPlayer is one of the popular streaming platforms to enjoy free unblocked movies. It has a huge collection of unblocked movies dubbed in many different languages to engage regional traffic.

No matter whats your preferences are, Whether Hollywood or Bollywood or Hallyuwood (Korean movies), you can watch your favorite movie in different languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Marathi, and many more.

The site comes with a clean and user-friendly interface, and both light and dark themes are available for a better streaming experience. Here, You can watch free unblocked movies at school or office or where ever you want.




Another best free site to watch movies unblocked is MoviesAnywhere. The special feature of this site is that it’s the stablest site on the list.

It allows you to get access to free unblocked movies available on the internet. You can watch all your favorite movies using any gadget/device from any part of the world.

The developer of the site has worked quite well on its theme/interface. Users can easily access the sites and watch free unblocked movies.

Unlike other unblocked movie sites, it’s the stablest. You can watch all the movies whenever or anywhere you want. Just sign-up and get access to tons of unblocked movies from any part of the world.

movies anywhere



WowMovies can be a good choice for one who’s looking for a simple ad-free unblocked movie streaming site. The site comes with a clean white interface/theme. The site has a vast collection of movies from over different paid streaming platforms like Netflix.

The site is free to use, with no sign-ups required. Isn’t that cool? The movie category menu makes it even better for the user. Open the site now and watch unblocked movies at school or your home for free.



Another popular site to watch unblocked movies is Hulu. The unique feature of this site is that you can watch movies from different paid streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.

Watch movies of different genres like romance, horror, sci-fi, etc. The freemium (free trails) version is available for users who don’t want to pay.

Users can make new Hulu accounts to get more trails when older ones get expired. By using this trick, you can watch unblocked movies for free.




Hotstar can be a good choice for Indian users. Users who are looking for Bollywood unblocked movies, Tv shows, sports, etc. Both free and paid versions are available for the users.

Not just Bollywood, there’s a vast collection of Hollywood movies also available for our movie lovers. One can also download their beloved unblocked movies to watch them offline.




ShowBox is one of the personally recommend unblocked movie sites. You can stream movies from any device/gadget using its application or website. Here you can find some gem-picked Hollywood movies for free.

It automatically fetches all the latest movies and uploads them on its server ASAP! Here you can enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, etc.

It could be the best site for unblocked movies at school, as the site is easy to access (thanks to the developers), fast to load, and provides unblocked movies in high resolution.

Use the link given below to install the application for android users. (iOS users can install it from the app store.)



End of The Line-

These are probably the best unblocked movie sites. If you think the list is missing any other good site, let us know in the comments and We will add the tool to our list. Also, check our list of Best Kodi Addons

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