Why should we trust Hosting Raja?


There are Hosting services those are spread like bunch everywhere. Webmasters often got trapped in low-quality services as they opt for their hosting services without looking at their performance graphs. Many webmasters are created by these services by many means. At the starting when they interact with customers offer lucrative schemes and give assurance for quality services.  As the time passes, their degree of quality decreases drastically and the customer continues experiencing a poor quality service. Webmasters struggle with poor services and at last decide to change the host. The process continues from one poor host to another. All efforts, time, the money went in vain and risk of your reputation involved with such services.


If you are really suckered by these kinds of hosting services or if you are a novice that want to straight forward to a quality host just opt for HostingRaja Hosting services, the only of its kind, plenty of features and a promise of delivering quality shootings year after year without a single ditch.

Sign up with HostingRaja to get 30% or more discounts only for limited period.

Why I vote for Hosting Raja as the best Hosting Provider:-

  • Zero cost customer services in all forms. How many times you see your service provider cares you most!. It is rare, but hosting raja staff cultivates a habit of caring of each customer. In fact, they love to hear from customers.There is a toll-free number that connect each one with HostingRaja at no cost.
  • Free domain name with each hosting plan makes lives easier. No hurdles are there to purchase the domain from elsewhere and paying a huge amount only on that domain.
  • Customized hosting plans for each and every need. HostingRaja web hosting plans always fits any kind of hosting needs. From small business companies to big shopping portals or social media websites.
  • Free email forwarding with each plan makes easier to manage emails communication specific to your websites. You will get it with no extra cost with all hosting plans.
  • Most competitive rates make it the choice of all even you can start your dream website just with 99 per month. The awesome features plans like unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, free .com domains are also equipped with flexible  price structures
  • Easily start your website with free site builder. You can create beautiful  websites within few minutes and with only a few mouse clicks. No coding is needed at all!
  • No hidden charges on all of hosting plans. That make it them the most reliable partner. Not even a single customer pay extra money for any facility described in their chosen hosting plans
  • Easy integration with WordPress and other content management systems.You can make websites based on any CMS like WordPress, Magneto, and Drupal. The one-click install makes you feel on top while creating websites.
  • Customer service is accessible 24 hours. You know Hosting Raja is no 1 in terms of customer services. They offer customer services in 12 Indian regional languages and email, chat and phone all modes of support are accessible once you have any curiosity or doubt or have any issues regarding hosting.


HostingRaja website: – www.hostingraja.in

There are other features included like discounts and coupons, 99.9% up time and promise of blazing speed for your website.  30 milliseconds latency time is possible only with a  quality hosting service provider like HostingRaja. It is a nice step to sign up with them when you need a quality hosting services at affordable price.

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  1. Hosting Raja said that there is no hidden costs and they would provide several value added services if I take their hosting plan. I was not sure, whether they would meet with their promise or not. They actually did that. It seems unreal but it is true. Now I have a trusted web hosting company beside me. Move your account to hosting raja and you will experience that they really do not have any hidden charges. I was hooked by the fact.

    from Pune

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