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Benefits of Social Sharing (Facebook)



All of Us try to use Social Media for Promoting our Blog. Sharing Blog Posts On Various Social Networks like Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Stumbleupon,etc Can help your Posts get airing. If you are just writing a Post and not using Social Networks for Traffic and Other Benefits like Potential Visitors , You are completely on the wrong track , but Don’t worry We are here with this post to make Blogging for beginners a easy task by the Proper way to utilize Social Networks for airing Blog Posts.  Also Read Benefits of social sharing for better SMO online.

Blogging as a Beginner we all have a mindset that If we Post Unique Content, We will get Traffic and Success, But It is not that easy as it Seems , If you are not Sharing the Blog Posts with Relevant Readers who would love to read our Post and find it Beneficial , you are doing it all wrong.

benefits of social sharing

Each Social Media platform has its own benefit, But the Best According to us is Facebook, Facebook has 1.44 million monthly users. Facebook is the best Social Networking Website which is visited by 142,196,570 People in USA ( Acc to Stats by It  has most traffic after Google in Our Country India. Facebook can help you grow your Blog and take it to a next level.


Benefits Of Sharing  Blog Posts on Facebook –

1. Traffic

Facebook with its Huge number of users can help You Gain massive Traffic in short time , Facebook Has Domain Authority – 100 and Page Authority – 97  Read Our Article On  Domain Authority And How to increase it. Facebook opens wide Channels for Promoting Blog Posts. You Can Gain Daily Readers By Making A Facebook Page and Group Of Your Blog. Facebook can provide you High Real Time Traffic and can help you generate Revenue easily , Just Be Precise and always provide your visitors what they need , Never Post Articles for Search Engines , Write Posts for the Visitors. Writing for Visitors is the most important part of blogging for beginners.Check top Link Building Strategies to dominate Search engines.


2.  Visitors ( Potential and New)

Facebook can provide you Permanent Returning Visitors to your site , If you are successful in sharing Appropriate Content  to people which they need, You can easily get Subscribers to your Blog. More Visitors will lead to more Pageviews and more the Income. It will also lead to Better Search Engine Rankings and Also increases Social Activity of your Blog.


Steps For Increasing User Activity Via Facebook –

1. Install Social Sharing Plugins To Increase Social Shares of Your Blog Posts. ( We Recommend Monarch WordPress Social Sharing Plugin)

2.  Create A Facebook Page for your blog. (Click Here to Visit PSnama Facebook Page)

3. Create A Facebook Group of Your Blog. (  Click Here To Join PSnama Facebook Group)

4. Advertise Via Facebook Advertisement.

P.S – Facebook Advertising is the best way of Advertisement to increase Traffic and Visitors According to the Statements of Experts

PRO Tip – By Adding Congratulations at start of Your Status or Caption of Image, You can make that Status or Image Stay at top Of the Newsfeed for several days.


Conclusion –

In this Post of blogging for beginners , You learned to Maximize the use of Social Networking Websites (Facebook) for increasing traffic and visitors of your Blog. Follow This Guide For Maximizing Your Success and Keep Visiting PSnama for more Posts. We would love to hear from you , DO comment

Heya. I am Pranav Rajput, Blogger from Jammu, India. I am a 18-year-old teen who loves Technology, Entrepreneurship and Marketing :) Read more about me by clicking here

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