It is today an unarguable fact that the Android OS by the search engine giant Google Inc, rules the whole smartphone OS world.

According to sources Android now holds more than 60% of the global mobile operating system market. Android’s popularity is mainly due to the fact that it is marketed and developed by one of the biggest tech company on the planet, Google. The popularity also owes to the fact Google made Android open-source and called it AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and that it is based on Linux. lucky patcher 

Android thus has hundreds of thousands of active developers creating useful stuff like custom ROMs and whatnots. No other Mobile OS has got such a huge community of developers.

As Android became popular, so did the applications that it can run. As of February 2016, the Google Play Store, which is the official app store for Android run Google itself, hosts more than 2 million applications. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include the thousands of applications that didn’t get the approval to the store or the ones that the developers didn’t care to publish to the store.

As more and more paid apps came into the market, people who couldn’t pay for apps started looking for alternate ways to use those apps.

Several methods evolved t do this. People started downloading the apks of paid apps and using them. Then the app developers introduced In-app purchases, which rendered downloading apks useless. This is where an app called Lucky Patcher comes in. Removing in-app purchases is only one of the many useful things that Lucky Patcher apk can do.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a useful little app developed by an Android developer who goes by the name of ChelpuS on the internet. It is one of those apps that when given root access, can change the whole working of the apps installed on your Android phone.

It is a 6MB apk that can be easily downloaded and installed. It has a boring black UI and takes some time getting used to, then again one can’t expect a free app of its potential to come with a modern material UI. Let’s now look at the features of Lucky Patcher Apk.



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Features of Lucky Patcher

Once you open the app, it will show you a list of the apps installed on your phone along with a small text and icons highlighting what all can be done to the app. Click on each app and choose “Open Menu Of patches” to do any of this ninja stuff.

  1. Remove Google Ads: Almost all of the apps available for free from the Google Play Store utilizes Google ads to meet their expenses. But to the end user, these ads are most often irritating. Using lucky patcher apk, these ads can be removed easily. Just select the app for which you wish to remove the google ads, choose “Open Menu Of patches,” click on “Create Modified Apk file” and choose “APK without Google ads.” Finally, click on “rebuild the app”. Once the process finishes, click on “Uninstall and Install” to complete the process. You don’t need root access to do this.
  2. Disable In-app purchases Verification
  3. Buy credits, gems or coins inside an app for free and enjoy the game to the fullest. Use “Support patch for InApp andLVL emulation” to do this.
  4. Remove “Unwanted App Permissions” easily. You might have seen apps asking permissions for stuff that it doesn’t need. Like a game asking permission to make calls while installing. You can disable all these using lucky patcher.

How to Download Lucky Patcher Apk For Free

Installing Lucky Patcher Apk is no rocket science. It can be installed like any other app out there. You wouldn’t find the app in the google play store because of the nature of the app, what it does, and the fact that it is against many rules of the Google play store.

  1. Start by downloading the Lucky Patcher apk for free from the link given below. It is hosted on our own server, and you don’t have to complete any survey or watch any ad to get it.
  2. Save it anywhere on your Android device.
  3. Tick “Install From Unknown Sources” under security under the security app if you haven’t already.
  4. Click on the Lucky Patcher apk to install it.
  5. If you are a rooted user, give lucky patcher Superuser permission when prompted.
  6. You have successfully Installed Lucky Patcher apk on your Android for free.

You can use all the features of lucky patcher only if you are a rooted user, If you are a non-rooted user, don’t worry, you can still use some features of the app, like removing in-app purchases, etc.