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What to expect from new iPhone 7?

It is often said in the industry that Apple is always looking for something better and innovative. Well, the reputation is not entirely wrong. As per the rumors, after the success of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has started working for iPhone 7. The reports have suggested that Apple will follow the normal tradition of announcing. However, the product is expected to be launched in the September next week. But the anticipation around the flagship phone is generating more market response ever. Apple has big plans for iPhone 7 and here are the special plans for the phone.

Water Resistance

As far as the rumors are concerned, the Apple is planning for total water resistance for iPhone 7. Apple is moving towards a more specific design for the same. The design can be inspired from the Apple Watch. This will not only be a waterproof design but also dust proof. Apple is designing encapsulated system on chip processor along with some tight water gaskets. However, rumors say even more than that and hydrophobic coatings are expected for the electrical components. The presence of vapor deposition and silicon seals integration are others rumors that may feature in iPhone 7.


Significant changes are expected for iPhone 7. If rumors are to be believed then Apple may do away with the all aluminum chassis. The screen size may increase, but the Edge screen may not find a place in iPhone 7. The last models of iPhone have issues of the bent of the phone. The iPhone 7 might come up with flat LCD display. Apple is working toward a sleek and thin design. The new iPhone 7 may be as thin as iPad Air 2. The resolution of the screen should be much higher than the others according to leaked information.


The iPhone 6 came with a powerful processor A10, but Apple is going for even better with iPhone 7. Rumors have suggested that new A10 will be used for the new iPhone. The powerful processor is believed to be under production. A Taiwan-based Semiconductor company is believed to be making these chips for Apple.


The new iPhone may just better the other iPhones in camera. It has been learned that Apple is working for a six elements lens for the new launch and it should be high on performance too.

Variants and Price

The new iPhone 7 is believed to be launched for three different versions. The iPhone 7 price ranges are different for the variants as well. According to leaked information, the 16 GB variant will be available for $539, 32 GB variant for $619 and the 128 GB for $699. The pricing has been made to attract more customers.

Battery backup

Apple is working to enhance the battery backup by a considerable amount. If all goes well, the iPhone 7 will have very high performing battery.The iPhone 7 is expected to be launched next year, but no official announcement has been made so far regarding this. The next iPad i.e. iPad air 3 will release next month.

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  1. The release date is very near, we already got galaxy s7 and maybe in coming 1-2 months we are going to have iphone 7 in our hands…
    Hope for the best device

  2. iPhone 7 will be soon out and most of the features you’ve pointed out are fairly accurate. Dual camera and missing audio jack is almost certain. water resistance is what I’m more concerned. Alhough iPhone’s pricing is always crazy

  3. I am iphone lover and using iphone 6 right now. I saw the apple event on 7 September 2016. There were many big announcements like apple watch 2 and iphone 7 and 7 plus. Wireless headphones i like this and waiting for ios 10. This time apple works on his camera improvement. They also worked on battery. I am using iphones for last 4 years and i am facing battery problem. Hope iphone 7 will blast and break all the previous records.

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