Investshield- A New Investment Plan by CHOICE Life Insurance

Earning the money at a surplus is considered as a positive attribute in the career of an individual. But the proper utilization of the surplus amount is another tricky business. Money well put in can add profit to one’s account by enormous folds. Several banking companies for this purpose provide the investors with numerous schemes through which the money earned above the charts can be converted into higher amounts.


One such way to put the money into use is the investment plan. The market is running well; they can add to the account of the policyholder. But this is somewhat subject to the market risk. Maybe a drop in the market and the amount is lost in figures that hurt. Another way of putting the surplus earning into use is by the use of a protection plan. In today’s world where times can flip a coin, turning everything upside down. Protection plans come handy as they tend to support the family at the date of loss.

What if both of the above methods can somehow collaborate. They can be reconciled in such a manner that the investment plan not only gives an opportunity to the policy holder to ensure the return of premiums paid without being affected by the ever-flickering market alongside the protection plan for the loved ones.


CHOICE Life Insurance has come up with Investshield- a fantastic investment strategy for the investors which minimizes the risk of the market alongside the return of money protected. CHOICE’€™S Investshield can provide a simplified, low-cost investment that can potentially deliver on the upside, while can also limit the losses in case the market takes a downturn. Investshield can offer downside protection feature coupled with the insurance benefits. Due to above factors, CHOICE’€™s Investshield can be made into an attractive proposition for the investment of the surplus wealth.


Now the financial plan can help its beneficiaries by making a huge step in the fulfilment of dreams while protecting them in times of crisis. The bonus is to provide the user with the ability to combine the investment plan with the type of protection one might need. With Investshield- a new investment plan by choice life insurance, the power of selecting right policy falls directly into the fingertips of the policyholder.

On the whole #InvestShield which is powered up by the infinite possibilities o the internet through CHOICE’€™s medium can prove to be a real game changer in the investment business.

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