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Increase Battery Backup of Android Device (Tutorial)



How I Increased the Battery Backup of my Android Device. (Tutorial & Tips)

Mobile Phones have become our necessity with time especially the Android Phones.
We can’t imagine our lives without the Mobile Phones. Mobile Phones have been successful to replace laptops. We can do anything with our mobile i.e Chat through various messaging applications , use social networks like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,etc , Play Games , Listen to music , Watch Videos and Movies.But There is a major problem associated with all the Android phones,
The problem of Battery Backup,  But don’t worry , I will tell you simple steps for increasing the battery backup of android phones.

Steps For Reinstating Battery Backup To New Condition :-

1. Know  your device :-

See where your battery is consumed most. For this go to settings>General>Battery ( In Samsung Phones ) & Settings>Battery ( In Most of the Android  Phones ). You will many application listed along with there consumption percentage. Just see and if you find any application which you use rarely or don’t use , Uninstall that application or Force Stop ( Disable ) that application. You can see in the below image that most of the battery of my device is consumed by Android OS and Android System but i cant disable or uninstall them , but below them you can see Music,Messenger & Facebook . As you know  Facebook and Music both are important part of our lives So I wont uninstall them but I will to increase battery backup Force Stop them.

2. Optimize your Device Settings –

For Increasing your battery backup , you have to optimize our device settings.

The settings to be optimized are as follows –

-Turn of Automatic Brightness and reduce Brightness to Zero.

-Turn off Bluetooth , GPS , Vibration , Sync. Although GPS is an important part of android phones , but its better to turn it off when it is not in use , as it consumes a lot of battery.
-Don’t Use Live Wallpapers , try to use a dim , dark wallpaper.
-Disable Haptic Feedback ( touch sounds ) , after brightness the consume the most of your
           battery , so its better to turn them off.
-Set Screen time-out time to 15 or 30 seconds.

3. Always Keep Your Device Updated

Keep all your applications updated and If any OS update comes , Update it immediately.


Phone Charging Tips ( For Better and Faster Charging )

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1. Turn On Airplane mode while charging:-

As the mobile phone consumes lot of battery while receiving network network signals, It is better to turn Airplane mode on So that the Mobile Phone stops receiving Network Signals. This will help in a timeless charge.

2. Charge for long periods of time :-

Always charge your Phone’s battery when it reaches below 20% and let it charge till it reaches 100 %,
Never use phone while charging,it causes overheating. Also never charge phone for short intervals of time. Let it charge fully. Never let the battery level go to zero.

3. Use Original Chargers :-

Always use the charger provided by the company. Never charge with any other charger. Stop using wireless charging. Stop using USB charging through data cable

4. Clear RAM and End All Applications :-

Always clear RAM before keeping the phone on charge and Also End all Applications , So that the phone charges efficiently.

Also Use Applications like :-

1. Greenify Download
2. Clean Master Download



This was the tutorial to increase Battery Backup And Charge Battery Efficiently. Also Check out – Cinemabox HD apk, playbox HD apk, freedom apk, towelroot apk .


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  1. Shan

    October 6, 2016 at 1:45 am

    Great work Your Web is Amazing

  2. Khasrang

    December 27, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    That are some amazing tips to save and increase the battery backup of my Android Smartphone…

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