Happy Birthday PSnama – 365 days, From Punk to Pro

On the cold winter night of December 19, It was when I had a choice whether to deal with the maths homework lying up ahead or to start something exciting with the free domain which was up to be grabbed.

It all started with a free Blogspot domain, never thought I had an idea that would change my life completely.

This one year was full of ups and downs, but We fought against them and, in the end, overpowered the problems. A huge SHOUT-OUT to our readers who helped us in setting a strong framework. Today in this post I will highlight the problems that I faced and some of the milestones which I achieved, and many other freaking things. It all started on a chilling evening of 19 December 2014, I managed to buy the domain from Bigrock for free, Yes I had no funds to invest, and I believe this is the best thing because I haven’t invested a single penny till now from my side, I invested from what I had  earned, and I earned sufficient enough to sustain my Websites, Tools and other important bills :p .


PSnama- ( The Reason Behind the Name)

Actually, I too don’t know why I choose this name, But still I love the name, When the flash sale of free domains was going on, I was very excited as this was the only chance for me to enter the big game ( never knew it would be the biggest game) , My mind was full of confusions which name to choose, which niche to follow, Although I wasn’t having much idea about niches and all. I just wanted to people to visit my blog, that made me feel gratified.

Then, in a Dilemma, I decided to start the name with my nickname i.e. PS.

But wait I can’t name a website with only two letters, So I decided to continue the name with girlfriends initial (Coz she was the only thing on my mind 24*7), seems weird as it is :p, and Yes I did this. Many people asked me, the reason behind the weird name PSnama, and knowing the reason it made the situation ever weirder for them.

The Journey

So after buying the domain, I connected with it a blogger account and boom, I kicked off my Blogging journey having no idea what it is and how to do anything? But the belief made me do everything. In the Initial days, I thought SEO was kind of a software (LOOOOOOOOOL), I didn’t know what is quality content, Keywords, Off page and On page SEO, not even WordPress, I had no idea, because I had never seen anybody, I started my journey with the keen interest of being famous and searched on google

I started my journey with the keen interest of being famous and searched on google -> create free website, and the first result in the SERP was of blogger.com,

So I thought that’s the only way to make a website and become famous. Time went and I kept on posting shit on my blog, Although got a good amount of traffic, but what I posted was a complete piece of shit.
I posted about free internet tricks, software hacks and cracks, etc which all come under the category of low-quality posts.
But one thing which I did and do even now, is continuous experimentation, without worrying about results, and that led to deindexing of my site after 2 months when I was getting a good number of hits a day.

I was completely broken at that time, as this was the only source for me to get what I wanted.
Later I realized I’d removed my home page from the search console. :p

This happening which shattered me back then, I believe is the greatest thing ever happened, This was at the risk of sounding clichéd, a Blessing In Disguise for me. When my site was de-indexed, I consulted many experts, many pro bloggers rather, But not a single person could help, all they suggested was to leave the site,
But a Quotation had a very great effect on me

“Winners Never Quit & Quitters Never Win” – Vince Lombardi

You might be thinking Am I crazy or what?
I mean like who considers de-indexing of your only site as a blessing. But it was, it made me self-sufficient.
I researched a lot, read hell lot of blogs, learned SEO, even Google penalty lifting as some people suggested it is a penalty,

But it was small mistake :p not so small, though. After the recovery of my site, I completely reinvented the site and also moved to WordPress, borrowed web hosting from a friend, no funds was always a problem, and he also cheated and hosted my site on a free host, I didn’t have any idea of it,

Also, I changed the niche, wrote some good quality articles and despite hell lot of redirect errors and 404 errors, My site ranked well and eventually I overcame the loss and started growing.
As time passed, no. of articles increased, Authority went up by a little, though. Alexa rank was fair enough.

And here The real game was begun, I earned my first income via sponsored post and sitewide selling and I bought a GoDaddy hosting plan for my website, and I was on cloud9 at that particular moment, I was feeling very proud.
Now the problem was passive income,

For that I tried everything that I could do, I tried event niche blogging, Micro niche (doing currently and Gracefully ranking well), SEO for clients, Content Marketing, WordPress Migration, etc.

I did everything for money because I had understood the fact that To be famous you need to earn well (not specifically but to be recognised you must have expertise which is only proved by ROI and Income.) Although I haven’t invested anything till now, But have some superb ideas, On which I am surely going to invest next year.

So Here are some of the Achievements of PSnama –

  • Alexa Rank < 150 K Global and <20K Indian
  • Domain Authority-22 Page Authority- 36
  • Source of Passive income.
  • Ranking on some hard to compete keywords, and Ranking above on some keywords above My Role model’s blog i.e www.shoutmeloud.com

And Here are My Earning Sources Till now –

  • Google Adsense ( Event Blogging and Micro Niche)
  • Sponsored posts and Paid Reviews
  • Client SEO Work
  • WordPress Migration and Other Services
  • Content Marketing/Writing

I will surely expand the sources and increase the numbers too, From the last couple of months I have been successful in making 700$+(50000₹+) a month, And the current month has been the best so far, It brought me work, money sites ranked, And a six figure income in INR is on it way for the month 😉 .

Future Plans –

  • Dealing with Laziness – It is the only thing which is holding me back from doing what I would have done a lot earlier.
  • Writing More and More Content – I write very few articles and that’s the reason for only 36 posts on PSnama. So I will be publishing more quality posts.
  • Will be giving more time to research– I have bought some premium tools for improving research quality and efficiency, Although manual research is still considered better, tools make the work easy.
    Some tools which I would suggest are – SEMRUSH and AHREFS, these two tools are best in the game and will surely help you in working efficiently.
  • Invest More, Spend Less– I waste a lot of money in buying the unnecessary things and most of the expenses are wasted on junk food, So investing more will surely be a smart move.

End of the line –

So it’s the time to end the post, THANKS for giving your valuable time to me.

Thanks for being a regular visitor of our Blog. Do share your suggestions or view in the comment section.

Keep visiting PSnama for awesome content ahead.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday PSnama – 365 days, From Punk to Pro”

  1. Marvelous post Pranav, I had some chit-chat with you and within few moments I understood that you have potential to do something big.
    Well, Best of Luck for your future hope you earn more and more.

  2. Hey Pranav,
    Such a nice post. Thanks for telling us about the ups and downs that u have faced in your blogging carrier. I hope that you may do something big in future.
    With Warm Regards,

  3. Naming Blog’s name behind Ex’s Name 😛 sounds really wired. But you are really a great blogger 😀 and my best wishes are with you, Keep Growing your Blog. 😀

  4. I started my site Crayonpaper.com under similar circumstance. Now that I will be leaving blogging for a while, any suggestions for me? I really enjoyed this.

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