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Alexa Rank, A site metric which shows website’s performance by giving a Ranking on the basis of number of pageviews and unique visitors per day and the average of traffic over the past three months and combines them to form a number, which is known as the alexa rank of the shows a Global Rank and Rank in country from which you are getting maximum traffic. In most of the cases Rank in the country is the country where the website was made. In the vast field of Blogging, Alexa rank is  a very useful metric. A good Alexa Rank can attract advertisers and can help you earn money online easily. Many Blogger tries to find out how to increase alexa rank easily and quickly. When I started blogging 7 months back, I also wasted my time in searching tricks to increase alexa rank, but couldn’t find any working one.

A good Alexa rank is important but one problem associated with Alexa rank is that it doesn’t simply take note of anyone who visits a site, but only people who have the alexa widget, or the alexa toolbar installed. This does reduce the accuracy of the data, gives alexa rank on the basis of no. of visits with Alexa toolbar installed, Backlinks, SEO , etc. Alexa rank is an inaccurate measure yet important because it can help you generate revenue.

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Today we are going to post a definitive guide to increase Alexa rank easily and quickly.

How to Increase Alexa Rank:

Claim your site and install alexa widget –

One of the most important steps to increase your alexa rank is to claim your site on alexa and to install the widget on your site. This will help to increase your rank, as the widget will help alexa to collect data for the traffic estimates of your site.

Alexa Toolbar

This is the main source through which obtains site data for the traffic estimates and ranking. In order to increase your site ranking, it is important to install the alexa toolbar and consider encouraging the regular visitors of your site to do the same.

Alexa Reviews

A little while ago, alexa introduced the feature of alexa reviews. This way, you can review your site, encourage others to do so and also review other sites that you may be interested in. This is a good way to improve your alexa rank and profile.

Regular Updates

Alexa also considers how regularly the site is updated. Also, while calculating alexa rank, it takes into consideration the number of pageviews gathered over the past three months. Updating regularly will surely increase your alexa rank as you will be getting a higher number of average pageviews and alexa gives regularly updating sites better rank.
These are a few ways to increase alexa rank. These methods are sure to improve the rank but remember, unless your rank is below 100,000; alexa won’t give historical and extensive data, so don’t obsess over your rank than. It is updated daily, but may experience sudden changes when you’re just starting out.

But these all are legitimate ways to increase alexa rank,  Follow the tricks given below to boost alexa rank quickly. These all tricks are tried by me, and every trick works awesomely.

Trick to Increase Alexa ranks quickly –

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  1. Write a post about Alexa rank, You can write a review of Alexa rank. It causes a massive boost in alexa rankings.
  2. Bring targeted traffic, Attract visitors with alexa toolbar installed. You can attract Bloggers and webmasters, Majority of bloggers and webmasters have alexa toolbar installed. This is the best method to increase alexa rank quickly.
  3. Comment on other high authority blogs and websites to increase Blog presence.
  4. Follow a proper link building strategy  and  appropriate SEO  techniques.

End of the line

These are the best trick to increase alexa rank. Just follow the tricks mentioned above and boost your alexa rank. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, Do comment if the following strategies worked for you.

And if you have any query regarding these tricks, you can contact us anytime by filling the contact us form or  by commenting.

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  1. Hi Pranav Rajput

    I am new to blogging. I want to increase my blog alexa rank and here i found helpful tips. Definitely I will apply these tricks to my blog. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  2. I have some suggestions for you
    1) I guess the title must be how to decrease O.o shouldn’t it ?
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  3. Great article up until I tweeted and followed and still couldnt read the rest.

    Also reminded ne to claim a few that I’d forgotten about. Cheers.

  4. Heya! A nice guide for increasing alexa rank…
    But Bro i want to know – does alexa only measure traffic from the people who have installed alexa toolbar only ?
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