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In this fast World, we humans expect everything to be fast and fast Internet is one of those things which is fantasized by most of the people. The internet has become a necessity with time. Now we humans can’t survive without internet connections. Slow internet is a problem which irritates Internet users a lot.

This is the era of fast Internet and the fastest service in our country at present time is 4g network but not all SIM card providers in our country support the 4g network and only certain people get the chance to use 4g internet.

What If I told you that a tweet can give you a free 4g SIM card, Yes you heard it right a simple tweet can give you a free 4g SIM. This trend has been started by the Best Indian Mobile network i.e. Airtel (Bharti Airtel). You just need to tweet on twitter from a 4g had set using this hashtag, #GetAirtel4G and you will get an Airtel 4G SIM delivered to your home for free. After your tweet @AirtelIndia will reply back with a link where you have to fill the address and other details for delivery of SIM. You will get the SIM at your place in four hours.

Isn’t this awesome that the Best Network is delivering 4G SIM cards to your home that too for no cost.

free airtel 4g sim is best Internet Service Provider in our country India and the speed which Airtel provides are awe-inspiring. The network coverage of Airtel is unmatchable. These two facts make Airtel the best.

Steps to get free Airtel 4g SIM sitting at your home and doing absolutely nothing –

  • Got a 4G phone? Tweet using #GetAirtel4G for a free SIM home delivery.
  •  Best network ever alright! @airtelindia just delivered a free #Airtel4G
  •  Wow, Airtel is sending free 4G SIMs to their users who have 4G handsets. Just need to tweet #GetAirtel4G
  •  Tweeted with #GETAIRTEL4G & got a new SIM at my place in 4 hrs!

So Hurry up, Your free Airtel 4g sim is just a tweet away. Tweet now and enroll for experiencing the difference.

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