New Domain V/S Expired Domain (What’s Good for SEO)

Now if you aren’t familiar with SEO, you might be wondering.

Why buy an expired domain?

Why build up on someone else’s failed dream, or finished project?

Well, the answer gets a lot clearer when you familiarize yourself with the world of SEO.The expired domains will include a wide variety of websites, each with its own PR and DA.The better ones will have a large number of Backlinks, though they might be old.What we can do with them is that we can utilise their high DA and PR for our own benefit.Anyways, enough with the explanations about expired domains. There are plenty of guides out there describing the technical details.What we are here for is a comparison, in terms of SEO. Also read Get unlimited Backlinks from


Expired Domains: The Pros and Cons

The pros include:

  • You don’t necessarily need to build Backlinks for your site, as it is already done for you. ( Provided you choose the right domain)
  • You can easily build a PBN for event-based blogs by utilising a number of expired domains.
  • You can use expired domains for events. They can be used to rank easily and effectively. It is well known that domain age is an important factor among Google’s 200 Ranking Factors. Since your domain is aged, it will help build trust and better rankings in the eyes of Google.

Well, now for the Cons:

  • The expired domain may have spammy Backlinks. As a result, it may harm your blog and your rankings. Plus, if you naively use an expired domain with spammy Backlinks for your own site, or a PBN, even your other sites might get penalized.
  • The expired domains should have relevant link anchor texts to your current topic. Otherwise, they won’t be useful.
  • Finding relevant expired domains might prove to be difficult. You’ll have to stick with No Match Domains and Partial Match Domains


New Domains: The Pros and Cons

As is the case with expired domains, there are a lot of pros and cons to new domains as well.

The pros:

  • If you’re starting out with a completely new venture, you can brand it better and create your own identity.
  • You can create your own Backlinks, properly overseeing the quality and relevance.
  • It is eventually better to use a new domain if you’re doing a long-term venture.
  • If you’re optimising for a particular keyword, you can almost always get exactly what you want.
  • You can find Exact Match Domains and Partial Match Domains

The Cons:

  • You have to build the Backlinks yourself, sometimes which can be a long and tiring process. And it’s possible that you aren’t able to find high quality Backlinks that an expired domain can offer.
  • It is up to you to increase the authority and trust of the domain. Increasing the PA, DA, Trust Flow, etc can often be a long process. Sometimes, in the case of short-term blogs, you simply don’t have that much time.

Overall Verdict and Guide

What you can say is that it is better to use an expired domain for a short term venture, or a PBN, but only if you do proper research first. You have to make sure that the blog’s link profile is not spammy, and that it is relevant to what niche you are using next.New Domains can be considered better if you want to start an entirely new venture, maybe even in a new industry.Another thing is about EMDs, PMDs, and NMDs, you’ll find better in New Domains, but not in expired ones.

End Of The Line –

In the end, its you who has to make the decision according to your current needs.
Both New Domains and Expired domains are useful in their own way, and you have to learn how to use them, while exploiting their advantages.



6 thoughts on “New Domain V/S Expired Domain (What’s Good for SEO)”

  1. Brother you are great because i can understand your all blog post and your every trick or method works. I also used the alexa trick on my website and it works like charm thanks buddy.

  2. Great Review! I think grabbing a good expired domain name is a cumbersome and difficult exercise. Even if you get one it would be difficult to find out if it has any spam history. Maybe it is better to start from scratch then investing your time and energy into something which you are not aware of.

  3. Domain age is important ranking factor even if your site has high PA and DA.
    My 6 months old site has DA 20 but it stuck at 5th page.
    My competitor site has low DA but has domain age 1 year and ranking 1 page of google.
    Expired domain work very well.

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