What is Domain Authority

Domain Authority

All active Webmasters and Search Engine Optimizers must have come across the term Domain Authority. It is used a lot by advertisers. They use it to find out how good a blog is, and how much its authority is, when compared to other blogs and domains.

Domain Authority these days has become a very important factor for bloggers and advertisers alike, it shows the authority of a particular blog by combining many factors similar to Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank. A good domain authority is considered to be above 30. If a blog has a better authority than 30, it will surely attract offers from advertisers. Also read the Top link building strategies to dominate search engine.


What Exactly is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a metric from the popular SEO site, Moz. It determines the potential of a blog to rank in search engines. Its similar to their Page Authority metric.

Domain Authority is used to measure the trust and credibility of a particular blog. It determines the trustworthiness of the blog. A good domain authority score helps a blog perform better in Search Engines, and with advertisers, as they prefer credible blogs.

Why Has DA suddenly become important ?

Google hasn’t updated PageRank since 5 February, 2013. The Last PR update took place over 2 years ago. As a result, Page Rank is not a reliable source anymore. In fact, many blogs who rank pretty high for Search Results don’t even have Page Rank anymore. So, even if your blog is doing great, you won’t have a Page Rank, hence, paving the way for a newer system, Domain Authority from Moz.

Matt Cutts, head of Webspam team recently said that Google won’t update Page Rank anytime soon

Since Page Rank no longer matters, the importance of both Domain Authority and Page Rank has increased a lot.

So, if you have a good DA, your blog is more likely to be targeted by advertisers.

How is Domain Authority measured ?

Domain Authority is measured on a 100 point scale. It is a logarithmic scale, ie. The magnitude greatly increases the number increases. As a result, its easier to improve from 30 to 40, than it is to improve from 50 to 60. Domain Authority measures the credibility and ranking potential of a blog in the search engine ratings.

Hugely popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google have Domain Authority scores of 100, while popular blogs like Problogger has an impressive score of 88. Blogging Tips also has a great score of 74.

Factors Which Affect Domain Authority-

Domain Age
Number of Linking Domains
Good Quality Backlinks
Size of Blog, ie. Number of pages and quality posts
Moz metrics like MozRank and MozTrust
How To Improve Domain Authority

You’ve realized the importance of Domain Authority in today’s PageRank free world, now the big question is, how to increase it?

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The answer here is, Domain Authority is calculated on the basis of various factors, remember, having a high Domain Authority will not increase your Search Ranking potential, instead, having a high search rankings potential will improve your domain authority. So, you need to work on overall SEO.

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