Conduct A PPC Campaign Audit In Just 5 Minutes!

Professional PPC audit services can save the day when you need in-depth analysis of multiple PPC accounts. But when you need to do a quick audit on your own to find red flags or ways to get better ROI, Just look into these five metrics and have vital information in your hands within five minutes.

#1 Check Account History
An AdWords campaign audit is a complex process that requires the in-depth understanding of the AdWords platform and tools for effective results. One of the first things an AdWords campaign audit expert looks into is account history which stores information about changes made to the campaign.

It’s useful to have a log of these changes because it can help you understand how they affect your ad in positive or negative ways. To find account history, simply go to Tool’s & Analysis and then to Change History. You can set parameters such as time period and changes made during that period.

#2 Analyze Impression Share
Another key metric to analyze is impression share which is a number of impressions you actually received in comparison to a number of impressions you could have received. It gives AdWords campaign audit experts an idea of how many times your ad appeared when searchers typed in relevant keywords.

Using this metric, you can find out if your ads are being displayed in searches and whether they are getting clicked. To gather impression share data at the campaign and ad group level, go to Campaigns, then Columns, then Competitive Metrics, then Imp Share Add and click Save.


#3 Find Out Quality Score
The quality score of an ad is important to determine its eligibility for an auction, what its cost-per-click will be and the position it will appear on Google search results page. White label PPC audit providers take into consideration several factors for calculating quality score including click-through rate, account history and quality of landing page among others.

It’s important to ensure you have a good score of 7 or more or you could end up paying more for your ad or see them at a lower position. To access information about your quality score, go to Campaigns, then Keywords, then Columns, then Attributes, then Quality Score Add and finally, click Save.


#4 Determine Click-Through Rate
The corollary to quality score is the click-through rate which is the ratio between numbers of times an ad is shown to the number of times it is clicked. PPC audit services experts’ use this metric understand the relevance of your ad in relation to queries and search terms used by the audience. Searchers who find your ad copy irrelevant to their search terms may desist from clicking on it.

Poor CTR can adversely affect your quality score, decrease an ad’s ranking as well as the frequency with which it is shown in search engine results. To find information on click-thru rates for ads and keywords, simply click on Columns, then Customize Columns, then CTR Add and finally, click Save.

#5 Ad Testing and Landing Page Optimization
Despite the numerous processes that go into making an ad campaign, your audiences only get to see the final ad and the landing page – so it’s very important to make these two elements relevant and useful. Ad testing is a key process to ensure your ad will have sufficient traffic value or conversions and it should be done on a regular basis.

When it comes to a landing page, each ad or ad group should have a corresponding landing page that is unique and replicates the messaging of the ad or else traffic will leave without converting.

End of The Line

All it takes is five minutes to audit against these metrics. For a more comprehensive audit for your business or clients, just get in touch with our white label PPC experts

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