BLOGMINT – The best onset for a potential income.

The best onset for a potential income. (1)


Do you have a blog of your own? and wish to expand it with money coming through the Blog. Then you should surely check this website Blogmint which will help you in earning some potential income online and will also help you in building a strong profileYou might be confused that the money parts seems legit But how will it help in making authority, Actually Blogmint rates your blog and gives out a Blog score is a number between 0 to 100 which is derived from blog’s performance, blog’s global benchmarking and blogger’s social influence on the basis of various factors such as – Posting frequency, Blog Traffic, Alexa Rank, Blog comments, etc Better the Blog score, stronger will be your profile and as a result, you will get lots of sponsored posts.

I have been successful in earning more than 100$ through Blogmint, Although the amount is bit less, But you can make a potential income from Blogmint If you have a Strong social profile, Awesome Blog metrics, or If you have ample of subscribers and viewers if you are a Vlogger. And that’s what makes Blogmint special, It helps  Bloggers as well as Vloggers in earning a potential income.

Blogmint profile

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How will you earn from Blogmint?

Blogmint is an influencer marketing platform which started with the aim of connecting Bloggers and Brands Blogmint is the perfect solution for Bloggers who roam here and there on The internet for finding sponsored content for their blogs.  You can even  your,, Twitter or Youtube account for joining Blogmint.

After you successfully create an account on Blogmint head over to the campaigns section by clicking on Discover Campaigns option, Check the campaigns and apply for the one’s which suit your niche best. Most campaigns don’t have a fixed price and you can negotiate with the brand manager for a better price by messaging via Blogmint Dashboard.

Here is a Screenshot of my earnings from Blogmint till date –

earn money - sponsored posts

 Why Should you join Blogmint?

Blogmint isn’t limited to Sponsored posts, It also has sponsored tweets and sponsored vlogs options to earn money. You can earn a good amount if you have huge no. of twitter followers, I have less than 100  twitter followers and they pay me 15 rs. per tweet, I have a friend having 10K followers and he gets 300 – 600 rs. for a single tweet, This proves that Blogmint isn’t only for Bloggers.

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Some Brands also pay for the entire trip for vloggers including food and lodging. Source – HiTricks

If you have youtube channel then also you can earn a good amount by promoting products and advertisements through your youtube channel.

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  2. HI Pranav,

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    I think, people can easily earn money without any blog. I have about 700 twitter followers, it’s mean I can earn awesome money though this network.

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  3. Nice and Great way to earn money from Sponsered post.Thanks for this awesome article and Detailed review about Blogmint. 🙂

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