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Best Whatsapp Tips & Tricks 2017



best whatsapp tricks 2016

Whatsapp can easily be claimed to the most popular messaging app in the world. All of its competitors like HIKE, Telegram, etc are still behind WhatsApp in terms of a number of users and user satisfaction.

The aim of this post is to make you all know about several of the best WhatsApp tricks of 2017. You can use these tricks to customize your WhatsApp Messenger or even prank your friends.

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There are several good WhatsApp tricks out there but most of them are fake or do not work anymore.

In this post, we have handpicked for you some of the best WhatsApp tricks of 2017.

 #1. Create Fake WhatsApp ConversationWhatsApp_20160722_115923

This one is my favorite WhatsApp trick in the whole list.

Using this trick you can create fake WhatsApp conversations and prank your friends. Think about what you can do with a screenshot a favorite actor or actress messaging you. cool right? Steps to Create a Fake WhatsApp Conversation  

  1. Download and install Yazzy app from the play store
  2. Open it and choose WhatsApp from the list of apps.
  3. Make the fake WhatsApp chat
  4. Share the screenshot with your friends and prank them

 #2. Read Friends WhatsApp Conversation

Not many people know of this trick and this is easily the best WhatsApp trick of 2017. It is really easy to read your friend’s WhatsApp chats but the hardest part is that you should have access to their

In your friend’s phone, open a file manager and navigate to WhatsApp > Database In that folder, you can find the chat backups created by the application. Just copy the msgstore-yyyy.dd.db.crypt file from the phone. Now open and upload the file to the site and click on “Procesar” You can now read the WhatsApp chats of your friend.

 #3. Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On A Single Android Device

Sometimes we need to have more than one WhatsApp account. One for the personal number and one for other uses. This Whatsapp trick 2017 is for those who want to use more than one Whatsapp on android.

There are several methods to run Multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.adicione-o-whatsapp-ao-parallels-space

The best and easiest way is Navigate to Settings->Users on your phone.

Now click on Add new user.Go ahead with the process and create a new user.

Now all you gotta do is install WhatsApp on the new user and you are good to go.

Easy isn’t it?

If this method does not work for you due to some limitations, then you can use the app called Parallel Space to run multiple instances of WhatsApp on android.

Just download and run the App. Press the Plus icon and select WhatsApp from the list of apps.Complete the installation process and you are good to go.

 #4. Backup Chats and Media on Google Drive/iCloud

Whatsapp started this feature in order to make sure that no user ever lost their precious messages.Screenshot_2016-07-22-11-44-16_com.whatsapp_1469168071826

Using this WhatsApp trick, we can store a backup of your chats and WhatsApp media to the cloud services like Google Drive on Android and iCloud if you are on iPhone.

In order to do this, navigate to Settings->Chats and calls->Chat backup on your WhatsApp app. Down the page, set up your drive if you are doing this for the first time. T

hen press BACK UP and WhatsApp will store your chat and media on the cloud as a zip file. You can also view the progress of the upload there.

 #5. Use WhatsApp Web

A web version of Whatsapp was one of the most anticipated features that users wanted, a2016-07-22 11_19_49-WhatsAppnd WhatsApp made them happy by releasing WhatsApp web.

You can go to to enjoy this cool WhatsApp trick.Then click on the WhatsApp web option on your phone and scan the QR code that appears on the web page to successfully connect your WhatsApp account.

The web UI is slick and easy to use. There are also push notifications whenever a message comes. The only disadvantage of this

WhatsApp trick is that in order for this to work, your phone must also be connected to the internet.

This is because, unlike Facebook messenger, WhatsApp messages are not stored on their servers and is directly sent to your WhatsApp account. If your phone is not connected to the internet, WhatsApp web would not get you the messages.

 #6. Get Desktop Notifications On Chrome

The thing about WhatsApp web is that , as long as the tab with WhatsApp web is kept on, we will get onscreen notifications of any messages we get.2016-07-21 20_14_38-Audials Moviebox Review - Google Docs

But you don’t need to keep the tab open as long as you know this simple WhatsApp trick. Install the Google Chrome Extension named WAToolkit in your chrome browser.

Now just open WhatsApp web once and connect your phone. Now you can close the tab and the extension will notify you if any message comes and clicking on it will take you to WhatsApp web. Cool right?

 #7. Using WhatsApp on PC Without a Smartphonereceived_1118475011546347

Yes, you read it right, it is possible to Use WhatsApp on PC without a smartphone. You can use this WhatsApp trick to send messages over WhatsApp if you don’t own a smartphone.

Wondering how to do this? All you need is a computer and an android emulator software like BlueStacks, Andy etc. Simply Install the emulator on your PC, just like you install any software, install the Whatsapp app from the PlayStore and set it up normally using a phone number. Verify the phone number and you are good to go.

 #8. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Losing your WhatsApp chats can be really irritating. It happens sometimes out of the blue, especially on old android devices.

If you somehow manage to lose your chats, then you can easily get them back using this simple WhatsApp trick 2017 How this works is that we are restoring the WhatsApp chat backup in your phone.

Whatsapp app makes a backup every day at 2 AM unless your phone is turned off. Start the process by uninstalling WhatsApp and reinstalling it.

Complete the signup using the same mobile number of your account. A screen will now be visible saying that a backup has been found. Click on the restore button to successfully Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages .

 #9. Send APK files over Whatsapp Trick

This is an exclusive trick. In this WhatsApp trick to Send APK files via Whatsapp, we will be exploiting an official WhatsApp feature; the ability to send text files over WhatsApp.Screenshot_2016-07-17-22-37-27_com.whatsapp_1469037171028

All you have to do is open a file manager and rename the .apk file into a .txt text file. Now open WhatsApp and send this txt file to whoever you wish to send the apk file to.

On the recipient end, download it and rename it back to .apk and install the app . Voila you have successfully sent APK files over Whatsapp.

End of The Line –

That’s it, guys, we have given you some best WhatsApp tricks of 2017. What are you still waiting for? It’s time to implement these WhatsApp tricks and look cool in front of your buddies.

Heya. I am Pranav Rajput, Blogger from Jammu, India. I am a 18-year-old teen who loves Technology, Entrepreneurship and Marketing :) Read more about me by clicking here

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