Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020 2

Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020

Searching for Top Torrent Sites 2020? Congrats you are on your journey to enter a whole new world of content downloading. Let me start by saying a bit about torrenting technology.

What is a torrent?

Torrenting technology, developed by Bram Cohen, an expert in Python programming language in 2001, is an internet peer to peer (P2P) technology that is aimed at making sharing files over the web faster and easier.

It revolutionized the internet in a lot of ways. Not only did it make file sharing easier and quicker, but it also opened a lot of doors to content piracy and made virtually every common internet user a criminal, technically speaking. People today rely a lot on torrent websites to download pirated software, movies, music and other data. It is said that torrent platforms are currently responsible for 3.36% of total file-sharing bandwidth of the whole world.

The beauty of torrenting technology is that none of the files that are shared is hosted on any web server. A user of the technology receives the file from other users who have already downloaded it as several small packets. The user who is downloading is called a peer (or a leecher), and the user who is providing the packet (source) is called a seeder. The torrent clients (like µTorrent), which are software’s used to download from torrents ensure that every peer is also a seeder. It is, in fact, an accepted norm, or an unwritten rule if you would, among torrent users that the upload/download ratio should be kept equal to or more than 1.00 so that in theory, a torrent once uploaded never dies. This hardly happens as most people never maintains the ratio due to the limits of internet connectivities. 

Benefits of Torrent Technology

  1. One can find quality files using technology. Even though several torrents are providing fake content, nobody would download them, and you will never come across fake ones in any good torrent websites as they filter out torrents for a particular keyword according to some downloads and ratings. You can also check the comments of torrents to check if they are genuine. Moreover, moderators exist for huge websites like kickass torrents and they do good work in removing fake or useless torrents within minutes of being uploaded.
  2. Even if one source gets disconnected or non-responsive, the download never stops, it continues from the next available source.
  3. The torrent clients take up tiny disk space and consume very less RAM space; the clients are also free with some amount of ads. SmartPhone torrent clients are also available.
  4. As the file is broken into pieces and sent as packets, one can pause a download and resume it without any issues even after a few weeks, provided the torrent is not dead.
  5. If a file infected with any virus or malware is included in the torrent, the torrent will be soon flagged by users. This system ensures that the downloaded files do not harm your system.

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But today, torrent technology has become a tool for piracy. One can find a plethora of pirated movies, software, music, tools, books, etc. in torrent websites. While a few people hate the way the technology is being used illegally, a majority is happy that torrents exist. People worldwide, mostly who cannot afford to buy these files on the high prices that they are sold at, depends on torrent downloading sites to download data to their heart’s content, paying money, only for the internet connection.

Is downloading from top torrent sites illegal?

The answer to the question? Yes and No.

It depends on what you are downloading from the torrent websites. Downloading pirated content such as movies, Softwares, definitely is illegal, whereas downloading things that are uploaded by the original creators for reasons such as ease of sharing and downloading things that are free to share is completely legal.

These are how things are on the paper, but on the real-life, you can download and enjoy pirated content from best torrent sites without any worries because, in spite of being illegal, the technology is being widely used and the authorities have better things to do than knocking on the doors of every single guy who downloaded a movie illegally.

Sorry if I sound like a bad guy, but that’s just how things are.

The only people who need to worry about legal actions are torrent website owners and the uploader of the torrent. Now and then, we do hear news about top torrent sites being seized or uploaders being arrested. Top torrent websites such as Kickass Torrents, ThepirateBay have faced arrests and seizures many times in the past, The websites always find its way back into the internet and the uploaders are never going to stop soon.

So as of 2020, it is safe to download torrents

How to download files from torrent sites?

Even though the technology behind torrents is complex, downloading a file from top torrent websites are fairly easy.
To download a file from a torrent website, you need to install a special software called a torrent client. Torrent clients are free software available on the internet that helps you download a torrent. The clients are available for both computers and smartphones

Once you have set up the bit torrent client, the next thing is to find the suitable torrent file for the movie or software you are going to download.

How to do that? That is exactly why we wrote this post. You need to go to any popular torrenting website and find the torrent file you need. Torrent files are of the extension .torrent and are files of really small sizes.v

Finding a suitable torrent file is a real challenge. You need to find the most suitable one having a lot of uploaders, or in torrent terms, seeders. The more the seeders near you, the faster the download will be. If you come across a torrent that has only downloaders (leechers) and no seeders, then it is better to find another torrent since that torrent is probably a dead torrent.

Once downloaded, open the torrent file with the torrent client to start the torrent downloading process. Depending upon the torrent client you can see many options on it related to downloading torrents. I will list some of those features of top torrent sites and clients here:

  1. You can set a maximum download or upload speed on the torrent client. This will be useful for users having a limited internet connection to download torrents. But do not set the upload speed too low, this will affect your torrent download speed too.
  2. Some clients offer the feature to set a timer to start a download process. You can utilize this to automatically start downloading at a specific time of the day without your intervention.
  3. Magnet links: In most of the top torrent websites, you can see a magnet link near each torrent download button. These are there to make the download process faster. If you have a torrent client installed, just click on the magnet link and the torrent client will load with all the necessary data loaded. You can also copy and share the magnet link as a text.

How to unblock torrent sites?

Sometimes, when you are browsing for a torrent website, you may find that in your country, the government has blocked that particular URL. The last website in our list,, is banned in most countries.

The reason why this happens is simply that all of the torrent websites host copyrighted content.

Most people would just go to another torrent website, but we are not most people are we?

Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020 3

Ir is very easy to unblock a torrent website, all you have to do is install a VPN software and you are done. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, these are tools that let you connect to websites with a foreign fake IP address and not your original IP address.

VPN can be installed in many ways. They come as separate software, as browser extensions, apps and even integrated into some browsers such as Opera. Some are paid, some are free. Paid ones will always work and they will work well. The free ones will have disadvantages and lesser features.

The best free VPN to unblock torrent sites will the Inbuilt VPN in the Opera web browser. Switch your browser to opera from whatever you are using. Set the VPN to optimal location and any website will load in it, guaranteed.

Now coming back to the reason we are writing this post.

There exist several hundreds of torrent downloading sites which are websites that host the torrent file along with useful information about the torrents, these are mainly torrent search engines which users can use to find the correct, safe torrent for the file that they are looking to download. While several sites do their work with ethics and rules albeit being illegal in the eyes of the authorities, others scam their users and do crimes like stealing their credit card info or spreading malware.


Listed below are a few Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020, that are tried and tested and will give you the best torrents possible.

List Of Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020 | Best Torrent Sites

  1. Kickass torrents

    Kickass torrents have been on the top of such lists for several years now. Probably because it has the biggest database of torrents available for free download. The files downloaded from kickass torrent will all be clean and safe and, all of the recent torrents in this top torrent website will have a good amount of seeders.  The torrent site also has a great user base and the kickass community is always helpful.

    Recently in 2018, the authorities took down the original kickass torrents domain stating copyright issues, but soon many clones popped up due to the efforts of admins and moderators.

    Update 2020: Kickass is back with a bang! The king of all torrent sites, Kickass torrents just came back into the action. Head over to to enjoy the original kickass torrents along with all of your trusted uploaders. The site has been brought back with all of its glory and you can once again start downloading torrent from this awesome torrent website.

    There are also several kickass torrents fakes on the internet and even ones that scam the users to get their credit card information. Stay clear of these websites as they are a harmful threat.

  2. The Pirate Bay

    The PirateBay was the best torrent downloading site as it was one of the first few of it’s kind. It lacks behind kickass only in some places and is as powerful as kickass torrents. The PirateBay was also taken down a few years ago, but you can still access it through a plethora of proxies available. One can find anything ranging from movies to software in TPB. You may want to try proxy services to access the website since the original domains are removed in several countries or by some service providers.

    ThePirateBay got its fame over the years mainly because of the plethora of cracked software that their database has. One can find cracks to software ranging from pdf readers to Operating systems.


    Previously known as, this one is a torrent search engine, that searches and lists torrents from several torrent websites. You can search for and find anything you want from It will also show you several kinds of stuff about the search results, like the torrent age, number of seeders, leechers, etc. This is where you go if you can’t find the torrent you want from kickass torrents. recently shut down its operation in the wake of the arrest of Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of kickass torrents. Soon after it shut down, this clone took its place with several extra features.


    Another famous torrent downloading site, is popular among torrent users. The website shows users a useful little feature called a “torrent health”, which is a ratio of seeders to leechers. Even though the website looks a little bizarre with some broken images and titles and all, the website will get the job done. It lists all the recent torrents across categories just like kickass does. You need to use proxy sites to access it.


    This one is different from the torrent sites mentioned above. YIFY Torrent is a torrent website made exclusively for downloading high-quality movie torrents. One can find torrents of most of the films, even the recently released ones on this site. And the best part? You will only find movies of 720p or 1080p on YIFY torrents. Nothing less. These movies are spread across dozens of genres, and even movies from the 80’s are available for free download.

    YIFY established itself as a brand among the top torrent names since they only upload files of high quality. YIFY is where the majority of torrent downloaders first go to download movie torrents. They also has a feature called “Request Movie” where a user can request for the admins to upload the movies that are not already in their collection.

  6. RARBG

    The RARBG website got a nice blue and black design, and is immensely popular, especially in the Europe. This website has torrents for almost everything including adult movies. The one annoying thing about the website is the fact that it is full of pop-up ads that will annoy you at times.

  7. Limetorrents

    Limetorrents is a popular torrent website. If you are a frequent torrent user, you might be a fan of this one. Even though the website serves popups and adult adverts, the content makes it worth it.

    The homepage lists all the popular torrents across several genres such as Movies, Tv-Shows, Games, Music, etc., along with some seeds, leechers, health against each torrent name. To access this top torrent website now, you will have to first go through a proxy website.

  8. BTScene

    You may need to use proxy services to access the website, which won’t be much of a problem since it is all free. It has a great fast white UI and has millions of torrents in its database.

  9. BitSnoop

    BitSnoop arrives in the ninth position in our post of Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020.  It is a useful website when it comes to finding torrents. You need to use unlocker or proxy sites to access BitSnoop in most countries.  It has the front page similar to a Search engine with a search bar with selections such as Video, Audio, Games, Software, etc

    Once you perform a search, they will list for you the most suitable torrents. Below the name of each torrent, you can see the health of the torrent in a small bar. This is a useful feature of this torrent website. If the health bar is green you can go ahead and download the torrent without a second thought, whereas if it is red, you may want to search for another torrent.

    The site will also show a green tick and a verified symbol below a torrent if it has been verified to be genuine by the community. Pretty useful right?

    They claim that they got 23.9 million torrents and 29.5 PB of files of data.


    This is the last website on our list of top bittorrent sites. isoHunt got the best website UI on this list. Even though it serves popup ads, the immense database of torrents provided by them make it worth. The UI is modern and easy to navigate and has dozens of useful features. The site admins has taken time and energy to build a good theme for the torrent site.

    The theme has a blog as the homepage that has posted on topics such as internet security, torrents etc. These posts also bring in earnings to the owners. On the right of this, you can see several links to categories of the torrent site.

    To find torrents, you need to make use of the search bar on top.

    First started back in 2003, the website became immensely popular in the decade that followed. The site, however, was taken down in 2013 stating copyright infringement, replacements and clones however popped up soon.

End of the Line –

This was our take on the Top Torrent Sites for Free Download 2020. We have written this huge list of top torrenting sites out of our years of experience in the internet and researching and analyzing each website. If you need a file and if a torrent exists for it, you will surely find the torrent from any one of these websites. If you cannot find a file from the torrent sites on our list, then that file is probably not available on the internet for free download. Hope you don’t waste any more time looking for websites to download torrents.

Comment your queries below and keep visiting Panama 😉

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