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Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is a huge industry today. Daily billions of people search for their interests on search engines. Search Engine Optimizers (SEOS) are the ones responsible for most of the information one receives from the internet. If you can proudly call yourself one, then you are ought to know how difficult the task is. There are hundreds of factors responsible for its functionality, added, it is an ever changing industry.

As SEO industry has evolved over the time period, a lot of SEO tools came into existence to aid the bloggers doing their job. There are tools related to link building, finding keywords, making images. Writing articles and even the plugins that can check and improve the blog post for any grammatical error.

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In this post, we have listed ten best free tools for SEO’s that can save you a lot of time and gets your job done faster and better.


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  1. Canva.comScreenshot at Aug 08 23-15-24


    Sometimes bloggers need to create picture arts. Be it a featured image, a how-to illustration or simply a text image to be included in a blog post. You don’t have to use professional tools like Adobe Photoshop for this purpose. There are several simple online tools available for this purpose, the one we suggest is Canva.


    Canva is simple to use, fast and offers a lot of customizations. You can add text, background, images, illustrations from the provided library or can upload your own. Most of them are free, but paid ones are also available, starting from 1$.

    If you want an example of what Canva is capable of, just take a brief look at the featured image of this post. We made that completely out of Canva within seconds. Impressed?

  2. Keywords everywhere chrome extension2016-08-01 22_47_43-facebook - Google Search

    If you know enough about SEO, you would know that keywords are an important part of it. Without having a perfect Keyword, none of the other things matter at all. Once you find the perfect keyword in terms of search volume, CPC, and competition,  half the job is done. Once everything else is done properly, you can see the money flowing in.

    That is why keyword research is also the toughest part of it. Some people do it easily, once they gained enough experience in the industry, some even find them accidentally. The accurate way to find the way of search volume is using the Google Keyword Planner tool, but what if you can see the search volume and CPC whenever you make a search in google?

    That is exactly what Keywords everywhere chrome extension does. Once you set it up correctly (which will need you to verify your mail and copy paste an API key that you will receive via mail), whenever you make a search the plugin will show you the search volume and CPC under the search box.

  3. Pingler.comScreenshot at Aug 08 23-10-19

    Blog pinging is a way to inform the search engines about the recent updates which are made on your blog. It helps in quicker indexing of the blog post, and also You can use the method of blog pinging for indexing the deindexed expired domains for your PBN. is the best online tool available for the purpose of blog pinging. The process of pinging on is very fast, and the results are also exceptional. is far better than all the other Blog pinging tools available online.


    Site load speed is an important factor in SEO. Not only does Google love fast websites, people often tend to press the back button and go to the next website in case the website they wish to explore takes too much of the time to load. Once a bulk of people start facing this issue, Google decides that the website isn’t worthy of being ranked, and you will see the rankings drop day by day.

    Thus, a good Site load speed is essential. This can be achieved by following several methods that often include a lot of technical stuff. is a website that would point out several methods on how to speed up your website. Go to their website enter your URL and click on “analyze”.

    The process would take several seconds. The page will then display a snapshot of your website along with several stats like Page load time, Total Page size, etc. They will analyze and provide your website a score based on how fast it loads. Our stats show a grade of B with 83%. The average score is 82%, this means we are in the clear. If you could get an A, that’s perfect.

    Scroll down, and they will throw you a bunch of technical data, on where your site lacks, what should be improved, etc. Go through those data and speed up your website. Hire an expert or do it yourself. Bloggers are the fastest learners.

  5. Tinypng.com2016-08-01 23_25_20-TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving transparency efficiently compresses your png and jpg images to the smallest size possible without sacrificing the image quality. Compressing images will decrease the page load time and as I mentioned earlier, helps your site a lot. There are a lot of plugins that can do this, but this is the one we think you should use.

    Just go to the website, upload the image and let the panda compress the image for you. You could save the output image to your Dropbox or just download it. You can add up to 20 images each of maximum file size of 5 MB at a time to be compressed.

  6.  Ubersuggest.io2016-08-01 23_13_49-Übersuggest_ your friendly keyword tool

    What this useful little website does is that it shows up dozens of keywords related to the one that you enter in their text box. You can find perfect long tail keywords in the list and include them in your post. Once they show you the keywords, you could copy them all together to input them into the keyword tools or download them as a CSV excel file. The tool will come in handy if you are scraping for domains too.

  7. Pixabay.com2016-08-02 19_02_57-Android - Free images on Pixabay

    Images bring any blog post to life. Well, featured images can grab visitors to the post when you share the link on social media; images can be used to keep the user entertained. There arises another problem, where to get those images?

    One can’t just get the images from google images; they are all copyright protected. If you use them without the consent of the owner, you will most probably get into trouble for that. You can purchase images from websites like Shutterstock for a fixed price, but not a lot of bloggers might find that profitable.

    The only solution left is using royalty free images. These are images with a license that enables anyone to download and use them for free. They are free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. is a website that has more than 700,000 such images, vectors and art illustrations waiting to be downloaded and used. All of these are of high quality, and you can search and find the one you need.

  8. Content Idea Generator2016-08-02 19_05_54-Content Idea Generator - Portent Content Idea Generator is a useful little SEO tool. All you have to do is enter a keyword, and the tool will give you several titles based on their algorithm. These titles will help you when you are having a tough time finding article ideas for your blog. Sometimes they may give you funny and bizarre ideas; you may want to ignore them.


  9. Tools.Seochat.Com ‘s Keyword Cloud Tool2016-08-01 23_41_55-Generate Keyword Cloud Tool is known for the array of SEO tools that it offers for free. One particular that we would like to mention is the
    Keyword Cloud Tool. What the tool does is that it creates a word cloud based on the words most used on a web page that you choose. A word cloud is essentially a group of words, where the most frequent word has the largest size. If you enter a web page URL, the tool will show you the word cloud highlighting the most frequented word on the site.

    Check out the word cloud for, as expected, tricks and Pranav seems to be the most used words 😛

    How does it help for SEO? Using this tool one can get an idea of what keywords a website is mostly focused upon

  10. Socialmarker.comScreenshot at Aug 08 17-27-09

    It is the best free Social Bookmarking tool which ensures your blog post a better rank. Social Bookmarking is one of the best methods of link building which works better than social signals. Social Bookmarking works similarly like social signals, helping to make your blog post link popular over the internet and also provides a link back  to your site.

    Social Bookmarking sites are also helpful in fetching quality niche specific traffic to the blog posts, as you can share your post link in a particular category having people with the common set of interests. It also helps in faster indexing of the blog post.

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End Of The Line –

This post was all about ten best SEO tools that a blogger must use. These tools shall fulfill your requirements in all stages while running a blog. Hope you like it. Keep visiting PSnama 😛

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