Top 10 Best Football Scores App For Android

Are you a crazy football fan? Do you stay up late at nights to watch your favourite clubs playing? Do you feel bad if you miss out on a match? Looking for alternate ways to know the live score? Searching for best football scores app for Android?

If your answers to the above questions were YES, then you are in the right place.

Football is probably the most famous sport in the world. There are many tournaments, leagues being held worldwide and thousands of clubs take part in them. The European leagues are the most famous and is being enjoyed worldwide. Almost everybody watches football on TV, some, on the other hand, goes a step further and streams football matches to their devices thanks to latest developments in technology.

But what if you are away from your TV, and you feel the urge to know the live score of an ongoing match? What if you are in an area with poor cellular reception and wishes to know how the match of your favourite team went?

This is where football score apps for Android comes in. Now, there are several football scores apps in the market, but only some of them are good. We took it upon ourselves to comb through those apps and provide you with the best apps for football scores Android. You can also watch.


Top 10 Best Football Scores App For Android 1


So lets check out some of the best apps to check football score on android.

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Top 10 Best Football Scores App For Android


  1. Forza Football

    Previously known as LiveScore addicts, this app tops our list of the best football scores app for Android. It has been famous among football fans for its many attractive features, which includes but not limited to selecting favourite teams, Pinning tournaments or matches to listing screens, muting the app for a specific time, and the ability to change the notification sounds for different events such as goals, half time, football scores app

    The app has a very good, modern flat UI, which makes stuff easy to find. The only disadvantage will be the ads, but that is understandable, it’s a free app after all.

    Forza Football Features:

    • Set alerts for your favourite teams, and follow matches you’re interested in.
    • Receive detailed customised push notifications per team or match – for goals and cards.
    • Pre-match line-ups with formations and player photos.
    • Incredibly quick, accurate updates compared to other soccer apps.
    • Share your opinions about your team and see they match up with other fans.
    • Answer poll questions about the squad, the manager and the chairman.
    • Get your voice heard around the world.
    • Be part of a collective movement to change the way soccer fans are listened to.
  2. Football on TV

    This Soccer on TV Android app is great for several reasons. If you are in England, then that’s fine, you know the game will be either on Sky Sports or BT Sport if you are versed with current trends in English soccer. But if you are a fan relaxing on the sofa some 2000 miles away, you might not have access to the main broadcasters. Just select the club of your interest–any club from any league–and find out all the TV channels it will be broadcasted on.Top 10 Best Football Scores App For Android 2

    You need not stop there. The app has a customizable notification system which allows you to never miss a goal, card or match event as the game goes on. Join thousands of others in fun pre-match predictions and scroll through a feast of statistics to help you analyze your favorite club or player.

    Football on TV features:

    • The most accurate TV schedules
    • Live scores, results, and tables
    • Rich statistics on all the popular leagues and players around the world
    • Customizable notification system
    • Free app, Android 3.0 or above
  3. SofaScore LiveScore

    SofaScore LiveScore takes the second spot in our list of the best football scores app for Android, rightly so. This app is great regarding the amount of data it provides to the end user. The UI is quick, responsive and is light. One feature that must be mentioned here is the text-to-speech software embedded in the app for the lazy users. The app also provides stats on several other sports like basketball, cricket, scores app

    SofaScore LiveScore Features:

    • SofaScore is sports live score app with widget that gives you live coverage (results, fixtures, standings, video, etc.) for ALL LEAGUES, and competitions in 17 sports:Football (Soccer), Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Motorsport (Formula 2016 Live Timing, MotoGP, Superbike, Nascar, Rally, DTM), Cricket, Baseball, Rugby, American Football, Handball, Volleyball, Waterpolo, Futsal, Aussie Rules, Snooker, Darts, Badminton.
    • In addition to all previously mentioned sports, you can follow tournaments from the USA, like Major League Soccer – MLS, North American League, NBA, WNBA, US Open Cup, NFL, College Football, MLB, NHL, AHL, Copa America 2016 USA.
    • “SofaScore Live Sports Scores” app is optimised for Android Wear smartwatches.
  4. Sporee

    Sporee is yet another app for football scores Android. It provides you with a lot of features including a swift, responsive UI that loads all the data in microseconds, an expected line-up before the match in case of big tournaments. You can choose your favourite teams, and then the app will notify you about those teams only. It is ad-supported, the ads, however, can be removed by paying a small fee. One thing I found bad about the app is that it is not available in all the countries via the Google Play Store.

    Sporee Features:Best Football Scores App

    • You can follow tournaments, teams or games.
    • You can select which part of the game you wish to be notified about (changes in score, the beginning of the game, half time, end of the game).
    • For your convenience, your selected games will be displayed on a separate list. You still have access to all the tournaments.
    • Details about the games, such as substitutions, yellow/red cards and scores. (In some cases are updated only after the game is over).
    • See the expected line-up before the game begins (in the case of major or significant tournaments).
    • See the current standings in every tournament.

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  5. FotMob

    FotMob secures the fourth position in our list of the best football scores app for Android. This app is also content rich and provides you with a lot of features. The UI is clean and modern. It will give you scores, commentary, tackles, passes, etc. The developers claim that they cover over 200 tournaments worldwide. The app is free to download and has in-app scores app

    FotMob Features:

    • Livescores with the fastest updates available.
    • Match stats (lineup, stats, goals, cards, penalties, missed penalties, assists and substitutions).
    • Tables.
    • Fixtures.
    • News and top news notifications from all the major clubs.
    • Top scorers and top assists
  6. 365Scores: Sports Scores & News

    Awesome material design, Real time updates, Football news, Night Mode are among the numerous features of this app. The UI is worth mentioning; the colour combination is spot on. This app takes it to the next level by being compatible with Android wear. This means knowing football score by looking at your watch.

    365Scores Features:football scores app

    • Live sports TV Guide – Know exactly on which TV channels you can watch your game!
    • PERSONALIZED sports scores, aggregated sports news, alerts and videos in real time.
    • Fastest push notification with real time updates from your preferred teams and leagues.
    • Watch the video of the goal 5 minutes after it happens.
    • Get all your sports news from your favourite local sports sites in one place.
    • All game events, live match statistics, lineups and goal highlights.
    • Live tables and Fixtures.
    • Completely customizable push notifications define by league, game or event (goal, touchdown, yellow card, tennis serve break, etc.).
    • All football (USA Soccer) and worldwide coverage!
    • Live Match Tracker, the best way to be in the game when you can’t see the game!
  7. Onefootball

    Previously known to users as The Football app, this app has been famous among football fans. One exclusive feature of the app is the timeline feature that allows users to click on a time of the day, and then the app displays all the matches from around the world progressing at that particular time. There are however many disadvantages in the app’s name like not showing your favourite team’s matches for a particular day and the fact that only one app can be selected as your favourite team to a tournament.Best Football Scores App

    Onefootball Features:

    • Live scores and results with instant push notifications for the Euros.
    • UEFA EURO 2016™ Fixtures and calendars.
    • Match statistics.
    • Exclusive news.
    • Team and player profiles.
    • All the goals and topscorers.
    • Lineups.
    • Our expert analysis.
    • Match predictions.
  8. Goal Live Scores is a big name in the football industry. Their website is visited by millions of fans every day. Their website covers everything related to football from stats to gossips, and their official app is no exception. The app provides you with instant, real time updates.This app is free to use, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy it.

    Goal Live Scores Features:

    • Real Time scores, faster than anyone else.
    • Live MatchCast Animation.
    • Super-fast push scores app
    • Live Events.
    • Action from over 750 Leagues and Competitions.
    • Form and Head to Head for every match.
    • In playing Match Stats thousands of games.
    • Predict the result.
    • League tables and form.
    • Fixtures and results.
    • Favourite Teams & Leagues.
    • Track individual games with a single tap in MyScores.
    • Link directly to the match page from your notifications.
  9. FlashScore

    FlashScore Livescore comes eighth on our list of best apps for football scores Android.The app provides instant notifications and gives immense stats and data on each match. This app is ad-supported and is thus free to download. Apart from football, FlashScore Livescore also lists 30 other sports which include cricket, tennis, hockey, etc.

    Flash Score Features:

    • GREAT COVERAGE: We cover nearly 30 sports and 5000+ competitions worldwide. You can follow 1000+ football competitions alone!Top Football Scores App
    • SPEED: Whether a goal is scored, red card issued, set or period is over, you will know at the same time as the live audience.
    • FAVOURITE TEAMS, MATCHES AND COMPETITIONS: Don’t waste your time, and follow only your favourite matches, teams and competitions.
    • NOTIFICATIONS AND ALERTS: Results, line-up info, red cards… You will not miss any of it. Just select your matches and wait for your mobile device to let you know.
    • STAYING IN SYNC: A: Do you like to switch between your computer, mobile and tablet? We are prepared for this: as a registered user you will see all of your personalised data across all your devices.
    • MATCH COURSE AND LIVE COMMENTARY: Unable to watch the match on TV? No problem: follow it second by second and stay up-to-date with our LIVE text commentaries.
    • LINE-UPS AND HEAD-TO-HEAD: Do you need to know the line-ups before the match starts? We have them in advance. And also the head-to-head history so you can check how both teams have played against each other in the past.
    • LIVE TABLES: One goal can change a lot. Our live tables will show you if a scored goal has changed the league ranking, as well as the current top scorer’s table.

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  10. BBC Sport

    BBC is a big name in the news industry, and they exist in all of the digital platforms. Their Sports app will give you sports news, scores analysis and a lot of features. Their coverage is not only limited to football, most of the sports are covered by them.

    BBC Sport’s Features:football scores app

    • Home screen displaying the top stories across the world of sport.
    • Customise the app by adding quick links to your favourite sports and teams.
    • Set match alerts for more than 150 UK football clubs (line-ups, kick-off, goals, half-time score and result), cricket teams and every Formula 1 race.
    • Home screen widget. Configurable to reflect your choice of topics, resizable to suit your screen size and the widget can be viewed as a 4×1 or list layout. Requires Android 4.0.3+.
    • Comprehensive football news, analysis, live scores, match stats and text commentaries – plus the gossip column.
    • Dedicated indexes for dozens of sports, including football, F1, cricket, rugby union, rugby league, tennis and golf.
    • A page for football teams and competitions including the Premier League.
    • A full season’s football fixtures and results searchable by day.
    • Football tables.
    • Share stories and results with your friends and followers.

End of the line:

In this post, I have provided you with the names of top 10 best football scores app for Android. This list was made purely out of experience and research. Hope you find this article useful.

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  1. Interesting article, Pranav.

    I am quite surprised that you have omitted CrowdScores from the top 10. Even just comparing it to BBC Sport alone, it is a lot faster, has way more leagues and a cool chat room feature.

    Similar to some of the apps, it also has a live table, vidiprinter and match highlights.

    Nice article though, keep up the good work

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