Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online 2

Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Besides sports and movies, the world is now also crazy about watching anime online. It is becoming highly popular as more and more people are getting addicted to it and Finding Best Anime Streaming Sites is such a tough job with the massive number of websites streaming anime.

It is a treat for the eyes and the mind giving you a break from the reality all around you. Their storylines and themes are attractive and get you more and more engaged just like any other real-world TV series.

Before moving on with the list of best anime streaming websites, Make sure to check out the list of Unblocked Free Movie Websites.

Thus to give you a better and seamless experience of watching anime online, here are some Best Anime Streaming Sites you should try to Watch Anime Online –





  • It is the best site to give you HD streaming of English dubbed anime. There are not many sites that provide the English dubbed version. So if you are looking for one you can rely on this one.
  • It also gives you the option to download the anime in HD whenever you want to watch later. All this downloading and streaming costs you no charge at all, what you need is a seamless network for smooth streaming.





  • It is one of the most famous and popular anime sites that users around the world prefer. Its biggest plus point is its diverse content across numerous genres.
  • It is also a free streaming website where you can watch Japanese anime with English subtitles.
  • It is also present as an app in Google play store whereby you can download it and watch anime anytime anywhere with a better experience.





  • It is regarded as the king of top anime streaming websites. It has very efficiently made a wide variety of anime available to its fans for better viewing with minimum interruptions. It has claimed to have the highest ratings among the anime fans. The site is also optimized to consume low data and low bandwidth, thus being able to load the sites within 10 seconds or less.
  • Also, it provides you with the option to watch the anime in different resolutions according to the speed of the network that you are using. It gives a range from 240p to 1080p optimized for a wide range of devices. Also, it might not work on certain browsers due to some technical glitches. You have to check whether it works on the browser that you use.





  • It will prove to be the best option if you want to start your anime watching experience by going through the most popular ones. It is the best at delivering a user-centric experience. It sorts the anime based on their popularity. This, in turn, is done by the calculation of votes for the different anime being watched.
  • Sorting is also done based on the latest anime episodes, anime recommendations recently added section. Thus you can search for your favourite ones with more ease by these sorting filters.


5. Crunchyroll



  • It is an excellent site for watching anime with the best experience by paying an amount of $6.95 per month for a premium subscription. It lets you watch shows and read comics. You can also purchase a subscription card or PayPal which you can cancel anytime you want.
  • The video player playing the anime is a very simple one with few controlling options like volume control, full screen, scrubbing, autoplay, and quality selection. All shows play in their original language. But you can change the subtitle language by just clicking on the small text links given below or set a default language in the settings. Crunchyroll also has a vibrant forum community and can also double your streaming account as a social account.





  • Its library includes a vast collection of anime shows of various genres. Hulu houses about hundreds of streaming anime titles. From the latest ones to the old classic ones, it is a store of all kinds of anime shows and movies.
  • It also has a collection of feature-length anime films. The only issue is that it is available to users in Japan and the US. But you can browse using a VPN. Also, you may find some problems with the subtitles of the Japanese versions of the anime.


7. Funimation



  • It offers a free two-week trial and also a version of service that is completely free. The homepage highlights all the hit new shows trending around the world. Theme based shows are also sorted and available here. A brilliant feature that it has is that as you keep watching more and more and also keep adding films to your queue, the service learns more about your preferences and offers you recommendations accordingly.
  • It also has a store for buying physical anime accessories. It has the right to some big shows, unlike its rival Crunchyroll.





  • It is very much worth a visit if you are looking for a site that shows a variety of options to watch from. It has an extended menu. The latest anime is of the highest quality


  • It is the official anime site where you get to watch real and high-quality anime legally with a premium membership.


9. Netflix



  • Netflix can grow its popularity day by day exponentially by the series that it houses which have very interesting plots and make people go crazy about them. Now it has also turned to anime streaming for their audiences who have an interest in watching anime.
  • This year it has revealed to add 30 more popular anime shows to its library to enhance its popularity. For this, it has set up deals with Production I.G and Bones Inc., two major established anime studios.





  • This anime streaming site has yet again vast anime content. The best thing about this site is that it has an update frequency of series that is superfast.
  • They update their contents ten times as fast as other streaming websites. The update frequency is their biggest plus point and in a way their USP.


11. anime



  • It is not a very strong contender when compared to the other anime streaming websites due to its unorganized web page but it has an impressive content which can’t be ignored by the user. You can find the latest episodes of the anime show of your choice.
  • Many times the anime that aren’t available on the other websites are available on this site and can be streamed at absolutely no cost.





  • The dark themes make this site more attractive for the user. The database of this website is too vast compared to the other anime sites. Dubbed anime in the highest quality can be viewed whenever needed. The right sidebar shows all the trending series that are available and most popular among the audience recently.
  • There is a search option on the topmost bar to search for the anime you would like to watch and also an option for live chats to interact with the fellow users and always be updated about new upcoming contents.





  • It is one of the best anime streaming websites with a brilliant graphic user interface. It has an attractive web design layout with wide content. Every anime comes with a big thumbnail and synopsis. It is very easy to find a highly rated anime as every anime comes with a star rating.
  • Navigating from series to series is easy as there is no ad interruption. It also provides you with an option to change and select the server’s name whenever you want to.






  • It lets you stream all the anime episodes originally in the Japanese language with English subtitles for free. The site has smartly maintained a brilliant database which is updated from time to time and also has a simple and neat user interface.
  • The site owners have also launched the Go-Go Anime app for enabling the users to a better experience of watching anime online on any device that they have.





  • With a stunning layout, the website has a huge and attractive content for all the anime lovers out there. It has dubbed anime, movies and subbed versions. Any category if selected shows you the number of episodes, genre and the last update made. There is a popular section filtering out all the good and popular ongoing anime on the platform.
  • The users of this website’s community have an active discussion forum about the anime being watched. All in all, it has a vast content and smooth accessibility.





  • Here you can stream online as well as download the anime of your choice with one click and watch the same later.
  • IT may not have that attractive content or all the dubbed versions that you are looking for but you can choose it as a backup option.


End of The Line –

With the increase in popularity of the anime shows ad movies, such websites are gaining more and more popularity day by day. But you must choose the right one with legal content to avoid getting into unwanted issues.

So This post featured a list of Best Anime Streaming sites, Do let us know about your favourite anime streaming website in the comment box.

If You are facing any problem or have any doubt, comment or reach us via the contact page.


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