sites like couchtuner - alternatives to couchtuner

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online

Couchtuner is one of the most popular and proper apps available for you to watch your favourite shows online in just a few clicks.

But it is always good to have options to watch the same. Thus there are today lots of free movie websites providing to you compare features and quality of watching.

Listed below are some of the most popular and well-recognized site you should know about and try whenever your first option is temporarily unavailable.

1. Cucirca

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online

  • It is one of the best sites available on the web for you to enjoy TV shows online. It can only give you access to TV shows. It also has a more impressive collection of TV shows than that of Couchtuner. You don’t need to sign up for watching the content of this website.
  • But you definitely can go for subscription to be notified regarding the current episodes of the shows that you watch. Also, they provide a special feature for you to go ahead and request for a show that you currently can’t find on the website.

2. The Series Online

sites like couchtuner - alternatives to couchtuner

  • In the last few years, the website has gained a lot of popularity as the users are never disappointed when they visit this website which has a rich and attractive database to lure the viewers very effectively.
  • It houses a rich collection of movies as well as TV shows. Even the content available on this site is pretty much arranged and sorted for the user to get to their destination very easily and smoothly. You can also subscribe yourself to get any update if a new movie or show is included in the website’s library.

3. Cafe Movie

Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online

  • It is also one of the most popular websites for watching TV shows and movies online. It also has an excellent collection of movies and TV shows which has become much popular and recognized among the users. Several classic movies included in the library also make this website a favourite among the users.
  • You will also be impressed by the diverse collection that the website houses. It has movies from multiple genres as well as languages.

4. Select TV

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner

  • It is considered as one of the best alternatives of Couchtuner for watching TV shows and movies online. The basic services of Select TV are available at no cost. You can pay a minimal amount of $2 per year to get the extra benefits and all of the services without any interruptions.
  • Also, the site provides you with a huge number of TV channels and shows along with video games, events and radio channels. This is the reason for which it is referred to as a complete entertainment package by the users.

5. Series Craving

 Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online

  • As suggested by the name the site has also developed a craving among its users. You may not find a wide collection of movies but you will get to see some of the most popular TV series that are there.
  • Whenever a new episode is updated you will be immediately notified regarding the same and the very big plus point of this website is that it will never let you down concerning TV shows.


6. CMovies HD

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online 2019

  • Even though this website is not so popular yet you will get addicted to it if you start browsing through the contents of the website. You shouldn’t be mistaken by its name. Besides movies, it has a huge collection of TV shows as well.
  • It includes a variety of genres like romantic, comedy, tragic, horror, and thriller and so on. You can enjoy any of these anytime you want to.


7. Watch Episode

 Alternatives of Couchtuner

  • It is a treasure house of lots of TV shows collection where you can get any show that you want to watch. In addition to the diverse content of this website, you won’t have to create an account here to browse through the entire content available and watch the shows without any terms and conditions.
  • It also has a special feature that is dedicated to the most popular and trending shows and movies. It is in the form of a section named ‘Top 10’ which lists all such movies and TV shows. It also includes the classic TV shows that were most popular in the early eighties which make this website fit for all generations.


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8. Project Free TV

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner

  • This is again one of the popular websites you can always turn to besides Couchtuner. It has got all the features that a user can demand. The content of the website is defined and designed in such a way that there are minimal chances of confusion in the user’s mind while browsing through the content.
  • The site gives you only links and sticks which you can select and get to see the shows that you want to see with no ads popping up. You should also keep in mind that it plays the role of the third party between the streamer and the user as it doesn’t house any streaming links but guides you to them with few easy clicks.


9. Tubi TV

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online

  • It is the best way to entertainment if you are looking for an alternative to Couchtuner. You have to sign up for an account to watch all the contents of this website.
  • The website houses movies that were classic hits in the earlier decades. You do not have to make any payment while signing up. The site is safe and secure with legal contents in it and you do not have to worry about any security issues while browsing through the contents.


10. The Dare TV

Best Alternatives of Couchtuner to Watch Movies Online 2019

  • It has a layout very similar to Couchtuner but way more addictive than it in terms of usage as said by the users. It has got an impressive content which is very much luring and interesting. The available content also gets updated regularly which makes the site all the more interesting to use, so beware before you get addicted to it.
  • The site also provides you with the feature of streaming live sports beside movies and popular TV shows. Thus it has a nice amount of content to lure its viewers.


12. Primewire

Watch Movies Online Free

  • It is one of the renowned streaming sites that are chosen by many TV show lovers. You can first have a look into the categories available and also get a view of the genres present before getting down to the whole list of shows and movies available. This way of sorting limits your searches and gives you the shows that you want to watch with a lot of ease.
  • Since it has a huge database such as filters for categories and ratings make it all the way easier for you to find the show of your choice without applying much effort.


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13. FMovies

Watch Movies Online Free 2019

  • It is one of the personal favourite movie sites of many. It is also having numerous servers to support streaming. The collection that this site house is without any doubt commendable and pretty impressive. You can turn down the resolution of the video player whenever you want to consume less data or when you have a weak internet connection.
  • Also, the latest movies are updated on this website within no time. You don’t have to create an account or sign up to go through the content of the website. Its biggest advantage is that it houses lots of servers so that if one goes down or is temporarily out of service you can use the other one. Undoubtedly it is one of the best sites used for streaming TV shows and movies online for free.


14. Let Me Watch This

Watch HD Movies Online Free

  • If you are looking for a site that gives you all the recent updates regarding movies and shows then this is the best place that you can opt to go for. It houses all the fresh TV shows that have been launched and has attractive content with an exciting layout.
  • It also has the latest gossips and news about the TV shows and the fans are always ready to get the news related to their favourite shows. The content is also available in various formats but the high definition quality is always preferred as it will be a treat for your eyes.

15. iO Movies

Watch Movies Online Free HD 2020

  • It is also a very popular site in terms of streaming TV shows, series and movies online for free. It has a very simple design where you can search the series or movies of your choice and also the entire content of the website is well arranged.
  • It has a collection of all the recently released and all the old movies that have been favourite of all times. It includes all the top-rated movies and shows in its collection.

All these websites are there for the movie and show lovers. You can access them anytime anywhere and enjoy movies and shows of your choice. The only problem comes due to ads but that too can be avoided in some of the above-listed sites.


End of The Line –

This was the list of best free cCouchtuner alternatives available for you to watch free unblocked movies online.

You can easily use these sites to watch free movies online and If you face any issues in watching movies using these sites, Let us know in the comment section.

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