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AspectWise Review – Uncomplicated Place For Finding Gadgets

Buying gadgets online have become the newest trend nowadays, and with time The rate has immensely increased leading to a great decline in the sale of gadgets in the offline market.


Shopping online makes the work easy. Also, you find a variety of products for the same budget with diverse specifications. Shopping online opens a broad horizon of products that too at reduced prices much lower than the offline markets.

But there are some problems associated with online shopping like there are some chances of receiving fake products as there are a hell lot of sites, the price of same product vary on different-different sites which wastes a lot of time because everybody searches for the best deal budget wise.

Sometimes warranty claim issues are seen, And the utmost point is you can’t trust everything online. There are only selected number of sites which provide genuine products with the warranty and other support.


So What is the Solution to this DILLEMA?

The solution to the following problems is quite simple and Today to this post We will be introducing You to a newfangled startup namely AspectWise, which is the newest and easiest solution to all the complications which we face while shopping gadgets online.

AspectWise is a brand new IIT Alumni Startup, which helps out people like us in figuring out which gadget is the best buy by our needs, preferences and budget.

The User Interface of AspectWise is very easy to use and looks premium, The site navigations os very user-friendly perfectly designed for its users.

AspectWise uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to generate a summarized view of the hundreds of user reviews for any product,


So that you can make a well-informed purchasing decision within a matter of seconds, and avoid regretting later. AspectWise shows genuine user opinions and derived ratings about each aspect of a gadget, and also how it compares to the user opinions on other products in a similar price range. You can now very easily use the wisdom of crowds to make the right choice for yourself.

You can now very easily use the sanity of crowds to make the right choice for yourself.


How AspectWise Works?

You might be wondering that there has been a lot of talking about AspectWise, but no practical use has been shown till now.

So Now We will be showing you a demo search to get an idea on how to use AspectWise-

  1. Open in your web browser and I am going to select headphone from the top menu bar as I am going to show you a demo by searching for Best Headphones under 1000.
  2. I selected my preferences from the options and selected a suitable price range and clicked on the find button. 
  3. In the results page, I got some headphones, and I choose the Sennheiser CX 180 as I love headphones with earbuds.
  4. You can see in the below image AspectWise provides genuine reviews of customers and provides the price of the same product at the leading online shopping websites. 
  5. You can easily find any gadget using


What to expect in Near Future?

Although AspectWise is a great startup but still needs some additions for making the process easier. There is a lot of space for improvement; We suggest AspectWise include video reviews of products.

Site speed is another issue which AspectWise should look onto, Otherwise AspectWise is a great startup, and We wish AspectWise Best of Luck for the future.




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