Today on Psnama, we have another review. This time for the exciting startup Api.ai . API.ai powers the Assistant Android application. Api.ai is a startup by Speakoit Inc, the developers of Assistant Android app. This API can help you to enable Voice Integration in your android app.


The 21st century is the age of information where each and every day is, marked by another remarkable achievement in the era of development and progress. The age of information has wreaked to numerous technological inventions ever changing the horizon of the imagination and touching the human life every now and then. With the invention of the Smartphone, the step towards the ultimate development has been taken on a very gross root person-to-person level.


Smartphones give us enormous power and control to enhance the way we connect to the world. In this age with ever growing technology, like the touch screens took over the typing devices, here we are on the verge of another revolutionary innovation. Soon the days of feather touch screens will be gone when the human voice takes over the control over smartphones. The beneficiaries from this revolutionary change will be the app developers. For compensating with the ever growing technology in the field of voice command and human-computer interaction, the app developers need a tool which is helpful, economic and deprived of the complexities regarding utility. For this purpose Speaktoit Inc has come up with the idea of api.ai. 

 Api.ai finds its use as an amazing tool which aids the app developers to make the apps they develop more user-friendly by adding new and advanced speech to text function intergradation. It basically helps to convert voice request regarding a particular function for an app into action.


Api.ai bypasses the complex procedures that were required by the developers to endure their apps the “power of speech”. For the easy and profound functioning of this tool speaktioit Inc has kept the natural language understanding as the base of api.ai, which gives it an advantage over the apps with similar functions. With fluency and precision of its text to speech and voice function integration, its blockbuster achievement can be well witnessed in the world known app Assistant, which proved to be a head-on challenge to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S voice. Assistant learns your favourite places and services, and customizes your experience according to your preferences, offering the best suggestions and functions to fit your current schedule and location, where api.ai plays an anchoring role acting as the app’s spirit and soul. The multilingual Assistant is currently available in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Korean and Japanese, the credit of which goes to the natural language understanding system of Speaktoit Inc.

api.ai review


The power of Human-computer interaction is an inevitable asset not only for the commercial scale app developers but also aids for the non-commercial, free and open source projects as well. So by this step speaktoit is about to furnish the class of autonomous app developers the dominion to innovate with the interactive powers of humans and machine on all scales and in all fields. api.ai has set the foundation stone of a new era of human-computer interactions  which is bound by economy and status no more.

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The purpose of the tool is ever expanding as not only the smartphones, tablets and laptops but the api.ai is ready to enhance your driving(colaborating with car’s systems) and other experiences as well.

You can check the Pricing Plans of Api.ai by clicking here, Also You can download the Assistant android app by clicking here.

End of The Line –

This was the review of Api.ai API which powers the Assistant Android Application. We recommend every app developer to give a shot to Api.ai in their android application. Speaktoit Inc. also provides free packages for developers.

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