One is bound to use multiple platforms to perform various tasks for different roles in life. For example, your office PC and your personal PC are two entirely different worlds, adding the content on your phone adds to be from another galaxy.

But most of the times we need them altogether synchronised to get the job done. Whether it is the websites that are visited for research and reference or the contacts and locations frequently visited, everything needs to be placed in one single room for examining. Now that becomes hectic dispute when you have to align each and every aspect in a queue

BUT what if all the data, history, contact info can be placed under one single roof in a systematic and chronological manner.

That is when and how tracking for the various Android devices by the PC becomes mandatory and essential part of the work. Tracking of the browsing history, most visited websites, contacts, locations and the messages can be holding a very pivotal role in making up a decision regarding the halting of various activities with respect to time investment. Now multiple tracking of numerous devices can legitimately help in making research more precise and active. Also in many of the cases, it becomes almost impossible many of the data to be synchronised with a PC, in that case too, an android tracker can play a vital role. Tracking for keeping a check on various employ activity, the betterment of the children/teen, or for own personal growth, can be a decisive tool.

The overall setup involves three steps:

1. Signing up with an email account.
2. Downloading and installing Cell Phone Tracker.
3. Monitor all data from the phone with the call, SMS, GPS and other features.

– Now, as mentioned earlier, the first step is to sign up to Hoverwatch Cell Phone Tracker with an existing email account. Give any password and click on Sign up to create the account.

– Next, you have to download the installer corresponding to the device you wish to monitor. Then follow “How to Install” instructions. Physical access to the device is required for this purpose. There is one thing you must remember. Click “Download” if you’re viewing this page from the device you wish to monitor. If you’re going to monitor a different device, then write down the short link and open it on the target device. So, download the software in the device that you want to monitor. Click on the Installation guide to get a clear idea of installing the application on your device. For example, if you want to track a Windows PC, then download the .exe file corresponding to Windows PC and then check the Installation Guide.

– Choose the correct option. If you want to monitor your child’s device, then check the box beside My kid’s computer. if you want to control the actions of your employees, click on My employee’s computer and so on.


– Next, check the option of accepting their terms and conditions. Click Next.

– Now that Hoverwatch Phone Tracker is installed in the device, you can track the activities of the device where the app has been downloaded.


– Whenever you want to check the computer, log on to your Hoverwatch account. Click on Update every time you want to know the latest update. The results will look something like this.


You can also use refog offline monitoring app for pc.


End Of The Line –

Mostly the Android devices used need to be tracked down along with the PC or over the PC just to get stuff over one single plate. Hoverwatch gives the user the leverage of tracking down each and every tiny aspect of the target Android powered device. Not just for the purpose of better synchronisation, but the boss or the team leader has the leverage over the other members for analysing the research and the activity of the employees. This cushions the working mechanism of an organisation by knowing statistically where to ponder upon for exploring the room for improvement.

Another field where having the leverage over the user is mandatory for the better development of the user himself. Being a parent is not an easy job, and that too in a world with clicks away what can jeopardise every aspect of character development, having a clear and precise watch over the ward becomes and sets to be one last option in every scenario. How long and what way the kids are using the Skype, how many countable hours is Facebook sipping off the children or their frequency of WhatsApp use, all can be tracked down without making any whisper of noise.

Activities from a phone can be well tracked down over the PC, despite the type of PC. Everything deems to be the connection in respect to the everyday activity, making the tiny tweaks for improvement of the routine.

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