How Alexa Rank Downgrades Amateur Bloggers !

Alexa Rank, by far, is one of the biggest vacuums of time for new bloggers. New bloggers will devote their first 3 months solely to increasing their Alexa Rank. But, not in a natural manner. After downloading the Alexa toolbar, they’ll obsess over this number – talking about it in forums, writing articles about it, and devising methods to manipulate it.

With only around 21 million users and a decreasing base of Alexa toolbar users in the United States, the accuracy of pure, usage data for sites is skewed. Alexa data is based off downloads of their signature toolbar.

About 6 years ago, 40% of the U.S. internet population was actively engaged with using the Alexa toolbar. Now that percentage is closer to 12.5% or 1 in 8 users. The significance of this is that more and more site visitors do not have the toolbar installed, yet the pursuit of the remaining Alexa toolbar users is relentless!

Because participation with Alexa has shrunk over the past few years, many webmasters try to discredit its results. It is very possible to have less overall traffic than another site, but have a higher Alexa Rank. Alexa toolbar users tend to be webmasters, social media gurus, internet marketing titans, SEO aficionados, e-commerce operators, bloggers, and basically those that are more “techy” in nature. If you are blogging about food or celebrity news, good luck!

The Patience Of A Saint

Your blogging progress should be based on a 3-5 year plan, not 3-5 weeks. And while that may seem an eternity to the present pace of social media and technology, for a blog it is a common investment. As we are talking about time, I just realized that you may like to save your time in sharing files between two devices with the help of an app which can transfer files at lightning speed, so as a blogger you may like to save your time with this xender app and transfer files at the speed of light!

Now, many of you have seen blogs come out of the gate with a high following, this is true. But often, it is not the first blog for that blogger. He/she has had many blogs and knows the “formula” to duplicate that success with every new project.  And over time, you will too!

Blogging is not based on statistics. Of course, you want a popular blog, but success and popularity are subjective in the blogosphere. Plus, if you are basing this on Alexa Rank, it is a poor barometer to measure blog achievement.

But, that’s not enough for new bloggers. They want instant overnight success in regards to traffic, back links/PageRank, subscribers, notoriety…and Alexa Rank.

The blogging process is slow and systematic. It will take about 9-12 months for your content to saturate into the search engines while you build your readership, your brand, your network of fellow bloggers, all while you execute a backlinking strategy.

The reality is that nowhere during this period does Alexa Rank come into play. It’s a very insignificant barometer of a site’s success.

PTC (Pay-to-Click) sites

PTC sites will consume many valuable hours of the new blogger’s day. Time will be spent navigating through hundreds of sites, like yours, that have registered within the network. Time is spent clicking, watching timers, all benefiting other sites that have joined the PTC network in hopes of receiving a reciprocated pageview from you — sort of a trade: “I’ll visit yours if you visit mine.”

After you realize your bounce rate is 100%, you have no new subscribers, and no sales conversions, it will be too late. 3 months down the toilet, artificially inflating your traffic stats. At least, you can pocket the .90 you made from the .0000002 cents you made per clicking on other sites – looks like a good down payment for the McDonald’s $1 menu.

If you target one specific method of blog measurement, believe me, you can find a way to manipulate it online — with Alexa Rank being one of the easiest! A high Alexa Rank is one thing, but maintaining it is another.

End of the line

When a blog reaches a top 100K Alexa Rank, no one is there waiting with champagne and flowers. There were no checks in the mail nor did Alexa will congratulate you. So, stop obsessing over it! You are on the road to “crash and burn” in a few short months!

There are far better things to do with your time than Alexa Rank. The pursuit of Alexa is not blogging, it’s manipulation and will do nothing for you or your blog in the long run. Let Alexa Rank come to you naturally. Take the passive approach here.

As a blogger, it can be surprising how easily things will come to you…when you don’t ask for them.



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