Air: Home Automation Technology to Blow You Over

The Internet and smartphones govern many aspects of our lives. This has made our lives much easier, and the degree of convenience in completing day to day activities has skyrocketed. With the recent emergence of Internet of Things, the gap between our real life objects and the internet is now bridged in a revolutionary way, and one of the prime examples of this is ‘Air’ – a sleek, smart, and sophisticated automation device that changes the way you interact with your household appliances.

So What is ‘Air’ All About?

At present, we use numerous electronic home appliances, and the inconvenience stems from the fact that we have to spend a lot of time managing these machines. The purpose of machines was to make life easier and better for us, but at times, these devices become the cause of trouble (remember the last time you left the geyser switched on for the entire weekend?). Air is a remarkable product that lets you control all your household electronic appliances remotely, thus helping users build smarter and safer homes.

A Demonstration of How Air Can Truly Alter Your Living Conditions for the Better

Think about the numerous instances when you have gone out for hours or days without switching off the lights and other devices, only to return and regret the loss of power. Using Air one can effectively control the switching of all these devices and thus eliminate the worry of power wastage or high electricity bills. And that’s not all; you can dim the lights from your sofa, switch on the geyser from the cab so that you have a hot bath waiting for you when you get back after a hard day’s work. Air takes care of all these simple pleasures of life and makes a house into a home. Thus, it is always a better idea to buy home automation product that saves energy as well as bills.

An Introduction to Air: The Vision and the Story

Leaf Technologies Private Limited, a company, based in Mumbai is the creator and developer of Air. This fresh start-up has come out with a large automation system which has the potential to challenge the way we think about smart homes. Air allows you to access and control your devices with exceptional ease and flexibility. From dimming the lights to changing the Air Conditioning settings, this beautiful bit of technology allows you control virtually everything irrespective of your geographic location.

How Does Air work?

  • The underlying technology comes in two parts.
  • The smooth pentagon logical unit called Air acts as a connectivity hub linking you to your devices via the switchboard modules.
  • The switchboard modules are placed behind the existing switchboards.
  • These switchboard modules help connect Air to your devices.
  • The connection between your appliances and Air via the modules is coordinated through Bluetooth.
  • The home router is accessed through Wi-Fi while Air without human intervention can connect to the switchboard modules. This enables better control from anywhere.

The Reasons for Using Air:

The best reasons for using Air at home are as follows:

  • Huge Energy Savings: Air has built-in sensors that can detect the presence of human beings in a room and it can activate the ‘Auto-Away’ mode. If the occupants of the room are out for a substantial period, Air will switch off the appliances in a timely fashion. Thus, even if you forget to turn off the lights, fans or the air conditioners multiple times, you will not have to pay for it. The Air app can also analyze and give suggestions as to how to lower your billed amount.
  • The Next Level of Automation: Instead of building up your schedule around your machines, Air affords you the luxury to do exactly the opposite of that. Features incorporated in Air like the Magic Touch help enables you to pre-set how appliances will function and in what order. The One Touch feature allows you to switch on multiple devices with the slide of a finger.
  • Incredible Features: With the advancement of technology, Air gives you the freedom to access, control and monitor all your devices from anywhere in the world.

Automation makes life easier, convenient and much more comfortable.

About the Author: Pranav Rajput

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  1. Hi there Pranav, that was an awesome share there. I had not heard of Air, but it really is something, and perhaps one of the most sophisticated system that I have come across in home automation. Who doesn’t love automating? I am in for this one. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  2. Air sounds like a really interesting product although I’ve never heard of it before. Is it already out in the market?

  3. What a neat device this sounds like! The great thing about this product that I like is how much energy and power usage it could save on the house, which could save so much money in the short and long term!

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