Why Affimity is best Social Media for Bloggers?

“Your network is your net worth.”
This slogan is in the mind of every rookie entry in the enchanting world of internet. Easier said than done, building a solid foundation network, in actual, is not everyone’s cup of tea. With the ever expanding influence of internet over the world, physical network building seems to have already reached the point of extinction. Platforms for presenting yourself to the community of your field of work have come into play. Long gone are the days of facebook & twitter as the new networking bases find their way of influence. Talking about one such is the Affimity, which is already seeping in as the ground that a blogger needs in the world of today to grow and sustain

Affimity- The Best Social Media for Bloggers

What is Affimity?

It is a generation ahead social network that has specifically designed to serve the community which shares the similar interests and passions.
No one likes a barking dog on the street, similarly, no one prefers reading the posts that are of no reading purpose, and are only important as wasting one’s time and click. Affimity tackling this very trouble of non-purposeful posts presents its users only the specific and engaging posts. It’s very functioning revolves around the preference of its user.
Affimity thus has flipped and filtered the social network model regarding one’s interests and thus brings the user in contact with the people and communities who share the similar interest.

Why is Affimity best Social Media for Bloggers?

When you get to share and learn with the community that you belong to, ensures quick growth and thus creates limitless opportunities with your passion tagged along.

Social channels on affimity have been designed to benefit specifically the user with its demands. Along with this interest oriented posts comes as a bonus the ability to bring a quality targeted traffic to the user specified blog or website.
Roots of this brilliant network can be accessed by both Android and Ios devices. Wherever you are, thus the network you prefer keeps you updated all along.

How Affimity is helping me stand out in the crowd –

It has hardly been a week or more since I have joined Affimity. And its influence on my network has shown a very sound effect. The shared content has been having witnessed active engagement of people.
With the early six followers and four falling in my friend list has been an evidence of possible progress, as I have also stepped into the second level. Also, the third level doesn’t seem so far to achieve. It thus shows the ease of its use and convenience.

I shared one of the links from PSnama, which was liked by 80 people and three of them leaving valuable comments.
I have been connected to some forums and social networks already, but Affinity has been an entirely different experience. The network has a carnival of people loving to share their inspiring content.
For the useful purpose, the interface has been designed to be very simple yet sophisticated, added by the ease of its utility.

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