Hello dear, I feel gratified that your click has led you right to the page where you will be learning about me more than my blog. Being the founder of psnama.com where we do what people fantasise, I am a student and a blogger all alone, Pranav Rajput. I belong to a place situated at the foot of The Himalayas, The City of temples, the city of love and passion, Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir. Being born in the family of literals Education and prosperity has been a soul purpose to follow, but I have chosen a different path for my life. I took my first breath in the fresh air on March the 12th of the year 2000.

Learning is a process, without the boundaries of time, and I have a curious zest for knowledge which makes me a Semi-Pro Blogger and a Student. Being on this beautiful journey of life with many ups and downs, there has been like a tidal wave of ever-changing interests and passions which had a common base of doing well for the community.
A journey from a Martial artist to a Skater to a club Footballer to a Script Kiddie Hacker to now a Blogger has been amazingly awesome. It’s not like I am flattering about my life, but If you can’t even acknowledge your life then my dear you are developing a poor soul (Yea I like Philosophy as well). The journey has been like……..

  • ……… A Martial Art tour at the age of 9 (Been a Blue Belt, though, for which I too don’t have any idea how)
  • Was a proud feeling When I was the state topper for Science Olympiad 2010
  • Represented the School, with an excellent work of art, teamwork and desire to change, When I led the team which ranked at 75th Position in Design for Change School Challenge 2013 under title “Ordinary Conflicts.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/4vRznWnJQDQ?feature=oembed, Click here to Read my winning story
  • Started with a minimal purpose of getting the grudge over fame as a Techie savvy, I landed or rather I must say I just drowned into the vast ocean of Blogging and Entrepreneurship.

……..It’s not the end of the journey but Just a spark of beginning with me a lot to explore.

Well enough said about me now let’s come to the journey of PSnama from a struggling deindexed website to outranking the masters of this league and generating interests of the mass in the work I do as both passion and love.

PSnama which I started for the sole purpose for Branding and Establishment of name gave me a reason and a purpose to work hard day in and day out keeping my studies along to grow in the very field of Entrepreneurship and Blogging. But there isn’t always a smooth running in a journey and One of the moments came when my impatience and lust for shortcut fame lead to the deindexing of the creation of my passion. But “Winners never quit and Quitters never win” was my word when I decided never to be influenced by greed and lust for fame. This determination led to the bouncing back of the PSnama in league with better and brighter in all spheres it was in touch with. For understanding the meaning of real passion and true purpose Sandeep Maheshwari the owner of Imagesbazar.com which isn’t just a mere start-up but a name, a brand, a source which has revolutionised the way of earning with all flips and flaws. With my will strong and no fear of trying PSnama was now not just a blog but a sphere, or peaceful surroundings where I felt tempting to work. The achievements of PSnama has been enlisted below –

  • The recovery of a deindexed site which almost everybody had suggested abandoning was just like making afloat the ship which had been wrecked severely was now back with the flags of better Rankings and position waving and visible to all.
  • Now PSnama is not just a blog running on account of pocket monies; now it is economically self-sustained.
  • When you stand aside a person, a figure, a master figure whom you admire and follow though just on a pinpoint keyword gives you goosebumps of joy and pride. PSnama outranked “ShoutMeLoud” on two keywords leading to the same post.

………………This is just a few turns of the page with a whole story yet to pop up at your window.

                   Believe. Become !